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Getting Contacts To Open to Dial Pad

I there a way to get Contacts to open to the dial pad. Most apps on my phone open to the last thing they were on but Contacts allways opens to Contacts list. I started using Launcher Pro and it has an icon in the dock row that opens to the dial pad but I can't figure out how.


Any ideas?


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    Hi jamesj,

         If you want to go directly to the dial pad, press the Phone icon on your homescreen.

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    That's what I'm doing. It seems something gets messed up and when i tap the phone icon it goes to the contacts list. When this happens I tab the Phone tab then tap the voice mail to check voice mail. Once I've done that the Phone icon brings up the phone pad. How long it will be ok I don't know.



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    I have found that tapping the Phone Icon opens to the last window used. If I used the Call log to call someone, the next time I tap the Phone icon it open to the call log etc...

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    I haven't noticed that with mine. If I switch to the call log and close phone then reopen i,t it then returns to the phone pad. Then sometimes, all of a sudden it will go to contacts or call log even though I it opened to the phone dial pad previously. So, why is there an icon for phone and contacts? If the behaviour is as you say there should only one icon.



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    I think you did not understand what I meant. If you change to the call log and call someone it should be at the call log the next time you use it. Not just select the call log and close. Same with the contacts. Call someone using the contact tab and it should open to the contact tab the next time. If you start at the dial pad and make a call dialing the number it will open to the dial pad next time, or that is how it works on my G2x.

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    I never use the call log from the Phone icon. I'll open the Contacts icon in order to call someone from my contacts or the call log to call. So there shouldn't be any reason for the Phone icon to bring up the call log, right?

    I did something here to test this. I tapped the Contacts icon went to the call log and called someone. I hung up and went home. I then tapped the Phone icon, and sure enough, the Call log came up. Why would the call log open from the Phones ion when I never went there nd used the call log? So, as I said in my OP these 2 icons do the same thing so why are there 2. It's seems to be a waste of space.