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    WiFi calling problems

      I live part of the year in Herndon, Virginia, and part of the year in Panama City, Panama.  I have had a T-Mobile contract for my cell phone for about 4 1/2 years.  It is my home phone number in Virgi9nia.   The first phone was a Samsung Katalyst with Hotspot@home and it worked almost perfectly through WiFi in the Panama Apartment to make and receive local calls in Virginia.  Once in a while it dropped a call but I was very happy with the WiFi service.  Last August I bought the Samsung Gravity because the Katalyst was getting on in years and I didn't think it would last much longer. 


      The Gravity performmed brilliantly until last Wednesday.  Since then it has been impossible to connect the phone to my WiFi modem.  I have spent countless hours on the phone with T-Mobile technical support but nobody can tell me what the problem is or how to solve it.  T-Mobile says they aren't responsible for fixing WiFi problems outside of the US.  The ISP here in Panama says that they aren't responsible for fixinging problems involving a US phone.  Welcome to limbo!


      Last night, I saw some blogs on this site on WiFi calling problems with an error message "W006.15 ISP or T-Mobile network error."  My screen shows the same message but with the number W006.25.  They tell my that this is also a 911 address problem.  Last night, a T-Moble tech suggested to me that T-Mobile would no longer support WiFi calling outside of the US since T-Mobile didn't receive any additional money for international calls which these types of calls were, in effect.  (This might be true since my Katalyst phone no longer connects to my modem.)  He said that I would have to activate international roaming on my phone in order to use WiFi in Panama.  The per minute charge for roaming in Panama is $3.59! 


      Last night I also saw a blog about the T-Mobile app "Bobsled" suggesting that this would solve my problems.   Has anyone had international experience with this app?



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          For some strange reason, the WiFi started working again in my apartment in Panama City.  I turned the phone on this morning, as I have done every morning since last Wednesday when the WiFi stopped working and I saw a message that I needed to go to a T-Mobile web page and add my address to the 911 support system.  This wasn't a condition for my being able to connect to the WiFi so apparently the problem has been solved... for now.  I plan to go to the web page to add the information to my profile.  However, I don't know how long I will be able to stay connected to the WiFi. Since I was never able to identify the problem, I am still in the dark as to how it was finally solved.