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Sim Exhaustion?  Roaming?

Last month, I was in the middle of nowhere and was outside of T-Mobile's coverage area.  However, my phone did pick up a signal from AT&T.


However, when I tried to connect to it, it gave me this message: "your sim card does not allow a connection to this network"


The phone works fine on T-Mobile, but it would not roam onto AT&T.  I talked to customer support about this and was told that it was Sim Card Exhaustion and that I would need to buy a new SIM at a T-Mobile store for $9.99.


I did a little research and I don't think that SIM exhaustion is the culprit here.  My SIM is fairly new (I'm using the one that came with my phone which I bought in December) and can have wifi calling enabled, so I don't have one of those older limited SIM cards.


Anyone know of what's causing this, and whether there is a fix for this?  I don't want to buy a SIM card only to receive the same error message.


By the way, the coverage map shows Stockbridge, MA as a covered area, but Stockbridge, MA has a town ordinance banning cell phone towers within town limits.  There is no service from ANY carriers in the town of Stockbridge.

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    SIM cards are free at t-mobile stores and online. However since you were in a t-mobile coverage area, roaming is not allowed, only outside of coverage areas.

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    I was NOT in a T-Mobile coverage area.  I was in Colrain, MA.  It is nowhere near the covered area by T-Mobile.

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    Sounds like there is no roaming agreement in that area.

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    *shudder* Stockbridge -- where I got my one and only speeding ticket....


    Anyway, just because there's an ordinance that says no towers within the town limits doesn't mean there's not a tower on the edge of town that could have coverage creeping into town.  *shrug* -- just an idea?  I don't know where towers are physically located.


    As for SIM Exhaustion -- there's a minor chance it could be -- if you have an old SIM (although it sounds like you may not), it may not have certain roaming information on it potentially (I don't know how SIMs truly work, but I do know there's certain things written to it, like instructions on how to connect to various networks).  If you bring in your existing SIM, T-Mobile will swap it out for free.  If you're out and about near a T-Mo store, this might be a great stop for you in order to test their hypothesis.


    But, the likely culprit is lack of roaming agreement, as gramps said.