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    All The Flawss !

      Been With The Lumia Since February.I Really Thought That Having This Phone Was Going To Be Great, Nd Now Im Recieving  My 2nd Replacement Today. First The Charging Port Broke And Now The Month Old Phone Wont Charge At ALL ! The Phone Is Not All That It Seems. I WOULD NOT Recommend At All , But The Shipping's GREAT ^.^ !


      Other Problems :


      1. Sometimes The Phone Start typing #'s On It's Own

      2. Have To Replace The Phone Every Month

      3. When Playing Music, The Phone Wont Turn Back On Intil After A Min. Or Two

      4.  Not Alot Of Good Apps In The MarketPlace

      5. Cannot Pair The Bluetooth With Others

      6. Cannot Activate Visiual VoiceMail

      7. When Needing A Back-Up Phone, YOU HAVE NO SIMS CARD TO SWITCH WITH !

      8. The Sim Card Is TOO SMALL !