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    Phone just shuts down on its own...and it's not battery.

      We are now on our second HTC One S and will be returning this one as it does the same thing as the first one. The phone just shuts off by itself. My wife uses the phone for the alarm, so the first time it happened, she woke up an hour late, because the alarm never went off...because the phone shut off. This has happened numerous times now. Needless to say, she's not using it for the alarm. In fact, we she woke up this morning, the phone was once again off. When she turns it back on, it's got plenty of battery life.


      Not happy.

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          Rebooted itself tonight while she was on the phone talking to someone. Apparently we have not only the random shutdown, but we have the random reboot too. The phone is junk and we'll be returning it for a second time and getting something else. Kinda ironic considering HTC is focused on "quality" manufacturing. HA!

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            Mine continues to shut down randomly as well but is pretty much a given that it will stop if I try to download anything. Very upsetting that I get a brand new phone that at times is not even functional.

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              We took it back and got a THIRD one. Rebooted itself the next day. The T-Mobile store said they would agree to take it back again (even though it's past the two weeks.) So much for the flagship phone of T-Mobile.

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                You might want to use the phone in its out-of-box state for a day and see what happens. Don't install any additional apps from the Play Store. The issue might be caused by one or a combination of your apps. Google exerts almost no quality control on Play Store apps and I can tell you from personal experience that I've downloaded my share of crappy apps. There are almost a half a million Android apps and it's impossible for any manufacturer to test all possible combinations.


                Good luck! And I hope you figure it out. This is a sweet phone and it'd be a shame to miss out!

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                  There are a lot of things I like about this phone but for me having a smart phone that I cannot have apps on in order to have it work properly is a waste of money. I have a total of 4 apps on my phone, apps that I have had on my previous phone, apps that I have on other phones in my family plan that have never caused any issues before. Also 3 of the 4 are T-mobile recommendations from the play store.


                  I am talking about downloading things like pictures from emails or pdf files from work related sites. For me I have to have these abilities on my phone. I am really frustrated that this phone has these flaws. I think that the speed of the phone, the design, the features that it offers are awesome, and I cannot say enough good things about the camera. I LOVE the quality of the pictures and I love the sound from beats audio.


                  I am really hoping for some type of fix that will be put out by HTC but I worry that may not happen and am trying to decide if its worth keeping a phone that has awesome features but only allows me to use some....

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                    I've got the same problem and other problems with the HTC One S:


                    (1) phone turns off on its own for no reason,

                    (2) phone overheats during use (video and/or audio playback),

                    (3) phone displays no bars ("emergency calls only") in metro areas where another T-Mobile phone has 5 bars

                    (4) voicemail indicator remains on indefinitely after all messages have been deleted.


                    This is not app related.  I've uninstalled all apps and the base phone has the same issues.


                    T-Mobile tech support recommended that I switch the phone to 2G mode (settings-> GSM only)  That did NOT solve the problems.  Basically, I have a new $600 phone and a $112/mo plan and I can't make calls in a metropolitian area (Denver, CO) the same area where my old T-Mobile phone and my work-issued 5 year old AT&T phone works with 4 or 5 in-call signal bars.


                    Suggestion to researchers thinking about buying this phone: Don't buy this phone.  Try Verizon or Sprint.


                    The non-telephone functions are excellent.  As a mobile telephone this device is functionally useless due to poor signal reception in metro areas (Denver).