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LG G2x Update ***FIXED***

I like many other people awoke one day a couple weeks ago to a message saying that there was an update for my phone. My first thought, "Finally! It will fix the random power offs, and resets." So I clicked update, and watched it sit at 5% for about half an hour before the phone just shut off. It didn't restart, and hitting power did nothing. I had to remove the battery then boot up the phone. Shortly afterwards I tried to make a call. Anybody else that has downloaded this update should know what happened next.


My ears were assaulted by a loud clicking noise repeating whenever there was audio being transmitted


I called T-Mobile support and they recommended a factory reset. I was trying to avoid this since I had over 400 apps on my phone, and I didn't want to lose my Angry Birds save games, and other stuff of that sort. After an hour of troubleshooting, and T-Mobile talking directly to LG, they told me that nothing could be done from there end and I was given LG's support number.


I called LG, and they immediately told me that they could do nothing to help me. The update push was sent through T-Mobile, not LG, so they couldn't resend it.


Obviously, I was frustrated by this, and I couldn't be without a functioning phone until May 15th when the V21e update is to be sent out.



I began searching frantically for a solution. Wi-Fi calling fixed it temporarily, but I'm not always around a Wi-Fi connection.


I finally broke down and did a factory reset after backing up everything. First thing, I did after the factory reset, before loading my backups was, try to make a call. It still didn't work. So I searched diligently for the next few days to find a solution. I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, so I thought I would give some help, for those who can't wait for the update push, or those who want the update before its officially available.


First thing you need to do is get a couple files.


This website has all three versions of the stock Android OS for the LG G2x. Android 2.2, 2.3.3 V21e, & the new 2.3.4 V21y:


Now you need to get this program, SuperOneClick:

SuperOneClick is a program that roots your phone with one click of a button. Before you start freaking out and say, "That'll void my warranty! And I don't know how it will affect my phone! Will it brick (break) my phone?" Yes, it will temporarily void your warranty, but once this procedure is completed, you will be back to a stock unrooted official T-Mobile release.


Now, use your USB cable, and plug your phone into your computer. Go into Settings>Applications>Development and check the USB Debugging check box.


Once you've done that you'll want to open SuperOneClick, and click the "Root" button.

Don't worry, your phone will restart in a few seconds, and your phone is now rooted, allowing you to install the update of your choice.

Once your phone boots up, mount your device as a "Mass Storage Device" Sometimes this pops up automatically on your phone, otherwise the option is in the notification pull down menu.

Once your phone is mounted, open the SD Card and navigate to a folder called "clockworkmod" then open the "backup" folder. Extract the contents of the LG-P999-V21.zip file into a directory within this folder. Mine looks like this:



Once those files are done copying, unmount the phone, and unplug it from the computer. Now shut off your phone.


Now you want to hold the "Volume Down" button, then also hold the "Power" button. Hold them until the second LG Logo pops up, not the initial white one, the one with the blue streak behind it.


Shortly after this, you will be at a screen with a bunch of blue type on the screen.
To navigate these menus, use "Volume Up" to scroll up, "Volume Down" to scroll down, the "Back" button to go back, and the "Power" button to enter your selection.


Go down to "Backup and Restore." Push "Power" to enter.

Then go to "Restore." Push "Power" to enter.

Select the folder that contains the files you just unzipped.
The next screen has a "Yes" on it, scroll down to that, and push "Power" one last time.

You phone will go through an install process, which looks just like the normal updates, after that process has completed you have one more step to do.

At the main menu with all the blue type there is an option that says, "Wipe data/factory reset." Select that and push "Power."


Once that is done go to the top where it says, "Reboot system now."


Once your phone is done booting up, try to make a call and ensure that it works properly. Your phone is no longer rooted, and you have the stock, official T-Mobile release of Android OS. Any of the versions will work, but I suggest getting the V21Y, just because it's going to be released in a few days anyway.


I hope this helps anyone who was just as frustrated as I have been the past few weeks.