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    MobileLife Contacts (Web 60, Phone 0?)

      Hi there,

      First off, thanks for some great tips and information here -- the documentation and info is a huge help. (Note: I posted a shorter request in the Forums on "Moving Apps/Data" but thought I better ask in a fresh discussion as well).


      So here's the deal. I'm a Tmobile customer who just upgraded an older flip phone to the new HTC One. Knowing I'd have to start with a new SIM card to a micro-SIM, I backed up my contacts to MobileLife, and the contacts show up just fine in MobileLife. On the web, in MobileLife, I show as having 62 contacts.


      However, when I follow the directions here, and "sync" from my phone to Mobilelife, it just shows the few phone numbers/calls I've made since activating the phone yesterday. And 0 contacts in phone "MobileLife." It isn't showing the 60+ contacts I actually show in MobileLife on the web. Even when I manually sync. It shows that syncing is taking place but no contacts are imported.


      So to me it appears that even though the phone thinks it is connecting to my MobileLife, it really isn't. It never asked me to set up access or login from the phone to MobileLife, so I feel like that's the missing connection. Or do I somehow have two MobileLife accounts?

      1.  How/where do I make my phone MobileLife link/sync to my web MobileLife contacts (or change my phone's MobileLife login to make sure it's the same as the one I'm using on the web?)? Or do I simply delete the 'new' contacts in the phone as they are somehow impeding the import of the old contacts?


      2. Alternatively, I was thinking, since the contacts show up on MobileLife on the web for me, that maybe I could do something else, like import them into Google, then import them into my phone that way. But despite signing into Google, I'm not seeing a way to get my MobileLife contacts exported there either. Any suggestions?


      3. Meanwhile, my phone imported ALL 500+ of my Facebook contacts (which I didn't really want it to do) and is not letting me edit or delete those from my phone. (It appears to be an all or nothing kind of thing?) Is there any way for me to vastly edit down or re-import just a few Facebook contacts by group, for instance?


      4. Last but not least, when I go into my Settings, under Wireless & Networks, under Mobile Network, it shows as "ON," but beneath it, it says "Disconnected because service is unavailable" -- again, I'm confused by this. I'm able to make and receive calls on the new phone, but did I miss a step somewhere?


      No pressure! And thanks for any help you can give. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here, so responses appreciated. Sorry if I'm blatantly missing easy things here. It's highly possible!


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          Here's my .02......now that you've taken the step to go into the Google/Android ecosystem, I would just go ahead and set that up right.   Turn off the MobileLife and forget it exists.   On your desktop/laptop since that is easier just bite the bullet and setup your Contacts in Google and everything will automatically sync with your phone.   Once you do this from here on out whatever you setup with your phone or do on the computer will all match, regardless of what Android phone you have in the future. 


          One of the best things about Android is the Google cloud integration so take advantage of it.   Google contacts will let you import contacts from other sources if can get them exported from wherever they are in a .CSV file so that might be an option.  I think using the Google cloud is going to be better in the long run than housing all your data with MobileLife or your carrier, IMHO.   The mail, calendar, contact etc integration is excellent. 


          As far as your FB contacts you probably didn't notice one of the setup screens in the new phone where it asked you if you wanted to do this.  You can turn off that sync in the account settings but I'm not sure if that will help.  If you go into Contacts there is a dropdown at the top that groups which contacts appear, MobileLife, SIM, Phone, Facebook, Google, etc.  Uncheck Facebook.   Other option would be to reset your phone and start over.  This would erase your user data though and start from scratch.


          On the other hand, once your start using the Google integration, anytime you do that all your contacts, apps, bookmarks etc. are all kept track off by Google so you don't have to figure it out again.   Makes moving between phones or resetting easy.  It already knows everything you've done.   Take advantage of your google account. 


          I'm not sure about the Mobile Network issue, mine just says connected.  Does it keep saying that after reboot and wifi is off?


          hope that helps.  

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            Thefishhawk, Thanks very much for the reply -- I appreciate the input.


            My problem at this point is that I'm on day three of simply trying to import my contacts into my new phone. I've pored over documentation, stats, how-to's, discussions, forums, and more. I've spent more hours trying to solve the problem than it would have taken for me to simply retype the contacts.


            With this in mind, I think I'm just going to do that. I just can't see copying and pasting my MobileLife list to ASCII text (it shows me no options for actual export beyond that), formatting and converting to *.CSV, importing to Google Contacts (and so far I'm still knee-deep in Google setup and haven't even gotten to the contacts aspect yet), then finally importing from Google to the phone.


            I definitely think that knowing how to do that could be of value to me in the future (importing contacts, images or other items rom Google), so I do want to learn that. But for the moment as far as my phonebook contacts, I'm just gonna bite the bullet and retype them all.


            On FB, you're right -- I totally saw that question about importing the contacts, clicked No (but evidently not clearly or something), but was still left with 580 new unwanted phonebook entries. However, I disabled FB and removed those contacts pretty easily, and am going to try to reconnect to FB this weekend while ensuring that I don't once more import all that contact info information again with it!


            Wish me luck, and many thanks for the suggestions!

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              cool, good luck.


              I did notice something on your question #4 above.   I was somewhere the other day where my data signal was sketchy and I was in the settings and it also said "Disconnect because service is unavailable".    Keep in mind that on t-mobile data and phone service are on separate networks (why you can do both at the same time versus say Verizon where you can't since they share the signal).   I still had phone signal but no data so it appears the Mobile Network setting is only in reference to the data feed.  For example, right now at home on wifi it says "Use phone for data connection when Wi-Fi is unavailable." 


              You didn't mention if you were able to use the internet when you had that above, just calls, so maybe that helps.