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    WHERE ARE MY 16 GB of internal storage? Almost half is gone..

      Total internal capability for me to store things on this phone is 9.9GB... What The Hell!!??
      SO ALMOST HALF is gone to who knows where since there is only about 80MB of pre-installed apps..
      I can rest asure that the 4.0.3 OS on this phone is not 7GB


      This is a rip off.. Why would they advertice that this phone has a 16GB storage sine they know you can't get all of that and you can't add more memory..?? DROPBOX? I already have a 50GB account... Still don't see it bumping up to 75GB with the 25GB storage you get by having this phone.. SO they say.. well I may run right out of data storing to dropbox..


      Before you start bashing on me you need to understand that this phone was recommended by T-Mobile to me and that it has 16GB of internal storage. I come from a line of phones where you have the capability to add SD cards.. But since this one says NICE AND BIG on the box (16GB) I was under the impression that I can store 16GB.. mmmh! FALSE
      The phone records in HD 1080 videos, Big pictures plus tons of MP3 that you may have because you don't want to carry so many gadgets..

      I just got this phone, I like it but looks like its not what the box, T-mobile site, other ads, web reviews, videos review from registered reviewers, SAY!!


      The box should say 10GB of storage, NOT 16GB ... false advertising.

      Now I have to return this "One S"... I waited over 24 months to upgrade my phone and now this Bologna..


      HOW ON EARTH this phone hogs almost HALF of the storage capability right out og the box????


      How big is the OS on this phone...?


      ANY ONE?

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          Every review I read covered this already. If 10gb isn't enough, you'll need to stream more or make another selection.




          (which breaks down to 2GB for apps, and 10GB for everything else)

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            SO you think I'm being antagonistic?  If I had seen that it was 10GB I would have picked another one and I wouldn't be here nagging, correct?.  Many reviews a saw said 16GB.. Plus its in the box and in their ads as a 16GB, AND THE REP on the other line when I called said 16GB ..ok? I have 14 days to return it..  I just wanted to move on and forget it but now I have to return it for the looks of it..


            Almost half is already gone and you think I'm over reacting..?.. LMBO!

            You can rest asure the next phone I get is not from this company.


            Thanks for the push!


            PS: the techs were clueless to this when I called..   please hold......... time.... time... "do you see the SD card slot?"   I'm like are you kidding me....? the start guide says no SD card..

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              there isn't many devices .. in fact very very few that will allow you to use exactly what they're marketing .. it's true .. there is 16GB on the phone but some of that goes to partitioning etc so usable GB's ends up about 12-13GBs ..


              and as an aside .. the customer reps suggested to me about an issue that i remove the back cover and take out the battery lol .. i too was like .. are you serious?  this phone has a non removable battery haha.

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                My box says:



                16 GB Internal Storage *


                Fine print:

                * Approximately 11GB usable storage

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                  How quickly people forget.

                  First Samsung did it with the first galaxy and the LG too with g2x.

                  They are advertising the full chip storage which takes 4GB at least for OS and application. Will have separate storage for updates too.

                  Does say only 11 useable too though in HTC defense.

                  plus with the dropbox that was 23GB free for free users with 2GB. If you already have 50 you won't get the upgrade since that is not what drop box was for. Dropbox wont upgrade you higher not what they are offering.

                  Bottom line is if you don't like it or not enough return it.

                  10 internal is enough for me.

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                    It's not any different with any other phone.  All phones are advertised at the full capacity, not the actual capacity available for the user to fill up.  I remember people complaining about this kind of stuff going back to the G2 (advertised as 4GB internal, actual useable was less than half that...) and Cliq...

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                      When I purchased this phone guys.. I was on the phone with T-mobile.. They said 16.. not 10 nor 12 nor 13.....

                      Like I said on my post.. I come from a line of users that use micro SD cards so I have never had this issue..


                      The phone is half full or half empty...?


                      OR BETTER YET advertive the device as it should be.. A 11GB internal "Storage" WITH BIG LETTERS LOL

                      2 things: miss leading words and comfusion to customers.. I'm not the only one annoyied by this...


                      SO theartiszan  I have never owned a phone with internal Memory as my media holder.... ALWAYS on Very large SD CARDS and I know what I'm getting.. SO I had no info to forget.. and I used my previous phone for 26 months.. till now... KEEP in mind that I have not bash on the phone.. the phone is fine so far but this half full BS is a rip off.


                      T-mobile has nothing better than this phone, I HATE APPLE, So I have 14 days to return it.. Its very slippery so got it a rubber cover with corner protection.., I have no need for "Beat" this is just marketing bs. I need the HD cam and 4G. Already have DBox account so I know for a fact that they are not gonna give extra free GB to merge. (I TOLD THAT TO THE TECH GUY that was trying to tell me that now I have 75 GB.. )


                      SO ... 11GB internal Storage* << then*in fine print >> total space for the device is 16GB to allow space for the needed software to run the phone... NOW that is proper spec display..


                      NOW I need glasses dirtfiend... DARN it man.. and those fine prints were covered with the tapes I removed when opening the package...

                      This phone should be a $99 upgrade to loyal customers to compensate to the fact that a year from now the phone will be useless.. Battery will go bad.. hope not.


                      ON the pro side: the phone works without a glitch so far.. first day out using it.. it is 2:AM now and the battery is half way. Had a full charge when i left to the world..in 6 hours will have a full 24 hour cycle charge..

                      Hope the battery last the 2 years that it should last since it can't be removed.. 4G was kicking out doors tho indoors only 2 bars...

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                        I admit, I was a little disspointed in finding out about the 9gb as well. Granted, I know that all companies do this. I realized that with my ipod. But, I thought I would at least get 12-13 out of the 16. It is a little more annoying knowing you can't add additional storage. Dropbox did soften the blow a bit though hehe.

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                          T-MOBILE and HTC Screwed up my HTC One S phone: I have used it for 2 months and now is screwed up.. .. the soft buttons are not working.. THE SO CALLED UPDATE HAS MESSED UP THE PHONE. Also It has shutdown by itself 4 times since I got the sucker and the last re-start it did, it sent an error report that it has recovered from a fatal error.

                          now when I engage any application, the < Home and > soft buttons do nothing.. its stuck in that application and I have to re-start the phone...


                          SO I called "tech support" BIG MISTAKE... the so called tech person tells me AGAIN to "remove the battery from the phone" REALLY!, REALLY??? W. T. H......!? HELLO Its a HTC ONE S!!!!! can't take the battery out....

                          I said It got an update and it actually messed up the phone and it has been malfunctioning ever since to the point that I can't use it anymore... so the smart tech support agent says "we have to reset the phone to factory reset"...INSTEAD OF TELLING ME "LETS SAVE YOUR DATA TO YOUR COMPUTER" the tech person goes for a full reset of the phone.... I trusted the data was saved on my dropbox but only some pictures were there and resent data that I had were deleted.... Lost all my data - Pictures, Videos, Audio voice recording with sensitive information, voice recordings of songs I had for my clients.. pictures and videos I need for my job NOW ALL IS GONE.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGHTGHGH


                          "ooh SORRY" that's it?




                          AND DROPBOX DID NOT SAVE MY VOICE RECORDING nor I had the chance to do so manually...!

                          The date is lost and there is no software to retrieve it... All my priceless data are gone.. I can't BELIEVE THIS BS>>>>!..

                          I'm gonna snap!!!  "dropbox" does not saves your voice recording..





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                            Wow!  I would be really mad as well.  My one gripe is that you can't delete all of the silly T-Mobile apps I DON'T use, and gain that storage space.  All you can do is eliminate their icons.