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    Not receiving all text messages

      I do not always receive text messages. It seems to happen more when I have WiFi calling activated, but it happens when I have full service without WiFi on too. It happened with Froyo and still happens with Gingerbread. It's frustrating because of course you don't know you don't receive it unless the person lets you know through some other means (email, phone call, etc.).

      Does anyone else have this problem? Is this a known issue? If so, is there a solution? Thank you in advance!

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          I have that problem with my Galaxy S. It drives me CRAZY. It's more common with iPhone users that I talk to. I've done all the trouble shooting tips and it doesn't work. I did hear that TMobile got new sim cards a couple months ago so that may help it. I'm getting one in a few days, along with a replacement phone because of other problems.

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            It happens to me mostly with iPhone as well and unfortunately most of the people who text me have iPhones. Support told me to try my SIM card in another phone and I received the test text, but it doesn't happen all the time so that doesn't provide conclusive answers...I read in one forum that it's when people have the number stored as +1 then the area code and phone number, but this isn't the case for the two people I asked to check how my number was stored in their phone.


            I have other problems with my phone too including spontaneous restarting and a blank screen whenever I exit apps. I guess I'll have to call and request a new SIM card and maybe a replacement phone.

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              The other issues with my phone are it randomly shuts off and I have to take tha battery out to get it back on, random restarts, and at least 10 times a day when I'm texting or trying to make a call it freezes for a second then goes to the home screen. The people that I have the texting problem with, don't have the "+1" infront of my number. It's hard to say if it's a phone company problem because I know people with iPhones from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T and it happens with all of them. Mainly Verizon though.

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                  It happens when I am connected to wifi calling, usually at home because I don't have any service there. My phone is basically not functional anymore because most of the time when I go to make a call, the phone app closes and returns to the home screen. Also, when I receive a call, my phone freezes and I can't answer the call. I have been troubleshooting with Tmobile, but nothing solves the problem. I requested a new phone, but they will not help me because my warranty just ran out, even though I've been having these problems since before the warranty expired. I just sent the phone to Samsung for repair, but the email from them said they just did a master reset so I can't imagine it's going to solve the problem since I've done that multiple times already.


                  I am so frustrated with Tmobile's lack of customer service!! I have been a customer for 7 or 8 years and always pay my bill on time, yet when I have a problem, they never help me out. When my contract expires in February, I plan to switch providers. Tmobile doesn't deserve my business.

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                    For me, I got the phone in July and did a warranty exchange just a few months later. I went through 5 or 6 of the Galaxy S's due to issues. There wasn't any pattern I noticed for any issues I had with that phone so it was hard to trouble shoot. I got away from that phone finally, and got the HTC Sensation. I absolutely love it and have had only one issue with it but it hasn't happened again.

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                      It's unbelievable how you guys are going through exactly what I went through, and everytime I called T-Mobile they acted like I was crazy! This is EXTREMLY frustrating. All of my friends have iPhones with AT&T and they 4 of them took screenshoots of all the texts they sent me and I never got.

                      T-Mobile NEVER offered to change my SIM they just kept blaming AT&T, and of course AT&T was blaming T-Mobile.


                      I was reading on another forum that it might be iMessage responsible for all this... Because their iPhones think we have iMessage... But regardless of what it is, either T-Mobile, AT&T or Apple OR ALL OF THEM , need to fix this.


                      This is unacceptable and frustrating... I left T-Mobile because of this (in April) and to be honest I do miss them    

                      As soon as this problem is fix, I might go back.

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                        A solution to this issue has not been provided. Moderator- can you please provide any assistance and unmark this post as answered? Tmobile has not been any help to me with this (or any of my other phone issues!)

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                          I have an HTC sensation. I have missed a few outings and  engagements due to this exact problem. Unbeknownst to me my friends, and even business associates were sending me pics, appointment times and messages and I never got them. I saw sheets of messages, from screen caps, that I never saw.


                          When I called tech support they acted like this was the first they ever heard of Rhee problem. I have changed my APN several times and NOTHING seems to let me get iPhone text and especially mms consistently .


                          I would appreciate someone from the T-mo forum tech staff to look into this as we'll because it is beyond problematic and annoying at this point. Thanks in advance T-mo.

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                            Sometimes, such type of problems occurs in your phone but as far as I perceived, it is not a serious problem. May be there might be some problem with your software or your settings must not be in right order. Please check before you throw it to the service center.




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                              Hi BeachBum and all others....

                              I have had this problem as well...

                              every once in a while I will have a period where I will go without getting messages which is very inconvienent.

                              There does not seem to be any connection between the instances this has happend. I typically always have service and it will block ALL incoming texts.


                              (SHAME ON YOU T-MOBILE for not fixing this)

                              I have tried everything to fix this but it keeps happening. one Temp fix I have found is listed below.


                              Try this

                              Step-1: pull the battery from your phone

                              Step 2: put it back in and restart the phone (sometimes this will work and I will have several texts pop up on the restart)

                              Step 3: Send a text to YOUR OWN number that says "test" (typically the second I hit send the rest of my messages that are being held up get pushed over.)


                              Please note that this does not resolve the problem it is only a temporary fix but better late than never right?

                              Hopefully this helps anyone who is waiting for a text that would otherwise never come.

                              Let me know if this works for you