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Sensation not starting up

My Sensation will stay on the white screen with the green HTC on it for a very long time and doesn't do anything afterward.  I noticed it had restarted on its own earlier today (it showed the screen with the pink words moving around).  I figured it was updating or something.


I've read stuff about online about hard-resetting it, something about holding down the 'volume down' button and the on switch. 


Help please!



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    Hi Scott,


    Welcome to the support forums!


    Some general questions and a couple of suggestions:

    - did you recently install anything on your phone?

    - may we assume you are a US customer?

    - did you recently update your phone (Settings-About Phone-Check for updates)?

    - is your phone rooted and/or running non-stock software? (if this doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry about it)


    My first thought is to try simply pulling the battery (whether its on or not), putting it back in and then turning on the phone.  If this doesn't work, I would try the same, but with the sdcard removed - and then again with the SIM card removed. 



    To the best of my (limited) knowledge, the Sensation will never update its software on its own.  If there is some kind of error (usually due to an app), it may reboot, but the blame rests on the app, not the phone itself.


    There's a lot of good folks here on the forums.  Let us know the answers to the above (and anything new) - I'm sure we'll be able to help!

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    I have same issue,

    This is a screen shot:http://imm.io/q4AY

    - Didn't install nothing

    - My phone is from USA, it's T-Mobile, but now I'm in Europe with it, with a local carrier

    - Yes, I've made the Android  to 4 version update, the official one
    - Not rooted, it's 100% stock


    Pulled the battery, the sdcard, the sim, same issue.

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    Time for another...HARDWARE FACTORY RESET.


    You'll lose everything, but considering your current circumstance, that will be better than you are doing at the moment.

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    Done Factory reset, same issue aftre that, anythithing I do, it's freezing with the same screen