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HTC One S wifi call quality

I just received the HTC One S and notice that on wifi, there is audible static on the line (inbound).  The person on the other end says they don't hear any static.  But I "definitely" hear static.  It is not there when in cell mode; only on wifi.


Anyone else having this issue? 


T-mobile wants me to re-route my routers so that the one with wifi is connected to my cable modem.  I told them it happens in public wifi locations as well, but they refuse to trouble shoot this unless I connect my wifi router to my cable modem in my home environment.


I will probably return the phone.  Don't have time to mess with this kind of "by-the-book" out-sourced T-mobile support specialists who have no clue how to trouble shoot customer issues.

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    Yes, I hear a static pop as well when I just call voicemail using wifi calling. It is just a software bug, and it will likely be resolved in the near future when they resolve the battery issue mentioned in the threads here as well. A bad wifi connection isn't gonna cause audible popping to go away when the sound comes out of the speaker though, so I wouldn't bother with troubleshooting your cable connection/router/access point. The only time I would is if you had wifi calling drop the call, or a delay in playback. Think of it like Netflix. Either Netflix works, or it doesn't. You never get static played back while watching a movie through Netflix though.

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    Dirtfiend, thanks for your comment ....


    is this a software bug with ICE?  I'd sure hate this to be a problem with the phone hardware.

    I've just had the phone for 3 days, and well within my "buyer's remorse" period.  I work out of home and am pretty much on wifi the whole day.  It's my line I use for my job as a customer support specialist.  Can't afford to have that annoying static pop during all my calls.


    I'm tempted to return the phone and continue using my Amaze 4G or BB 9900 which doesn't show the problem at all.

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    I hear a crackling noise when calling thru wifi also. Unfortunately, its on all the One S (check out XDA developers forum) and they havnt release a update yet. Btw there are also numerous bugs with the One S that I'm experiencing, ie weak Wifi needs to be rebooted for calling to work every few hours, Voicemail notification dont work, random reboots, lock ring wont unlock phone (on Stock quote screen). Pattern Dot to unlock phone will shift to the upper right corner so you cant unlock phone(need to reboot), etc. I got rid of my Amaze with minimal problem for this LEMON.

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    The Amaze 4g really has good wifi calling?  I know the Blackberry's do. 


    I've had 3 android phones (nexus one, sensation, and now one S) and the wifi calling was never usable.  People on the other end always complained about the terrible call quality (low volume, distortions, delays, drop outs, hang ups, echos)


    I'm really surprised t-mobile is not making this a priority to fix.  I, and I'm sure many others, would happily use it if it worked, freeing up valuable bandwidth.

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    It isn't a hardware problem, otherwise we would hear it during normal cell calls. It is just a WiFi calling bug, which should get resolved soon. Lemon though? This is the least buggiest smartphone phone I've ever had yet.

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      I know, right?  I picked mine up the day before yesterday, and it's pretty much working perfectly.  It is my first android and touch screen, so the process of getting it all set up the way that I want is slow, because I am learning the system as I go, but I started getting my emails, texts and calls right away.  I do agree that the quality of the voices on calls is not very rich, and pretty tiney, that's not the end of the world for me.  My Blackberry was strong in some areas, call quality being one of them, but this phone can do so many things that my BB could not.  I am definitely not having the sort of problems with the battery life that I was anticipating, which is a great relief!  I struggled with whether or not to get the Amaze even though this phone was out, and I finally decided that the One S was probably the one to get.  So far, I am very pleased.

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    When I try to use the Wifi Calling on my One S, it dials but no one on either side of the call can hear anything.  I'm new to T-mobile and Wifi Calling - does anyone have any suggestions for remedying this problem?


    (the wifi calling is on, I have a strong signal on my home network, and it appears to be working okay on the phone).



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    are you saying that the call actually connects, but neither you or the other party can hear each other?  Does this also apply when you call an automated response center, e.g. 611 for tmobile?


    Does the blue wifi calling icon actually turn green when the call connects?


    I've had issues where one party can hear but the other can't. but not that both of you can't hear each other.

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    I'm having issues with wi-fi as well. Not only am I getting static, but I also notice a really annoying delay. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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    I confirmed it's a bug by replacing my phone. Called up T-Mobile and told them about wifi static. They happily replaced the device with another new HTC ONE S. It's the same problem with this one too.

    So i am pretty sure, it is a bug.

    all we can do now, is keep the wifi calling off till an update comes out.

    i also have htc amaze and sensation. wifi calling on them is flawless !

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    Yeah is a problem with the current version of software on the phone.

    I have also running the Amaze on the leaked ICS which has it as well. Although it is not as bad.

    Older android 2.3 software on the Amaze didn't have it.

    Think they maybe over driving the audio in the processor for it.

    Typically audio on WiFi calling is always lower.

    On this one it does seem to be about the same volume.

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    I definitely see this too. More distracting is a very noticable audio delay, which is even more noticable when both parties are using WiFi calling. Seeing as this is the major reason I've stayed with T-Mobile, it needs to be addressed.

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    I have the same problem with my One S.  It pops and crackles and there is a horrible delay when talking to people.  I stayed with T-mobile because of the WiFi calling and also agree that it needs to be fixed.

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    I just received my One S. It's a slick phone but the static on the wifi is very annoying, there is NOTABLE delay, and the sound a bit tinny on both ends. How disappointing after all the raving on CNET. Not sure what I will do.


    Interesting that folks here think the static will be addressed in time with a software update? I would appreciate hearing from a T-Mobile rep here about this and the timing.


    Like others, I've remained loyal to T-Mobile even though I have no cell reception near my house. They are getting much closer but still I rely on WiFi. Just last week I almost bailed to Verizon for an iPhone but the great service and responsiveness of T-Mobile won me back again....and getting an HTC One S seemed a big perk in the bargain.


    T-Mobile don't let us down now. Whassup with the static and the delay? I even have a T-Mobile router for WiFi and sit within 6 feet of it.


    If we hear nothing are their other new T-Mobile phones that folks here would recommend if I have to replace th beautiful but perhaps flawed HTC One?

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