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        This stinks!  I had the app on my Defy, and it work fine. Then my girlfriend comes onto my plan, and i think i'll score a MT4G (again lol), and give her the Defy, and all will be right in the world.  Nope, i get the better phone, and she gets the the Defy (which is really only 1 step down IMHO).  But i really am shocked, i would figure that Netflix would go from top tier down  (like the manu's do with everything else).  Oh well, i'll just have to wait, it's just good to know i'm not an idiot looking for it for like 20 mins on the market lol

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          No, I didn't bother with your link because I don't want/need to. Your explanation did nothing but supplement what I said in the first place. SN: Sorry to step on your proverbial toes, but it's really not that serious. Post Police to save the day, lol.

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