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      My dad and I started a new contract back in December with t-mobile and got a mytouch 4g slide. I was told I had excellent coverage and would have 4g. I was exctited because I was getting an awesome phone and the service I wanted at a fair price. My excitement was vert short lived. When i got home with the phone I had NO SERVICE. I called the store from my brothers phone and was told it could take a while to completely activate. So I said ok, and started messing around with the apps and everything that came stock. When I got up for work the following morning I still had nothing, and since I had to go to work I figured I would take care of it after. So I am on my way to work my phone started to go off from texts... FINALLY IT'S ACTIVE! I spend my day at work messing with the phone, downloading apps, and everything else. Then I come home. Once Again nothing. I call and talk to the store and some kid says it can take about 3 weeks to adjust to your area, if it's not working then let us know. I have never heard of this before but I am no fluent techie guy so I said ok. I waited the 3 weeks and still NO RECEPTION AROUND MY HOUSE. So I stop at the store on my day off and explainall of this to a very nice rep who was trying to help me resolve the problem. After replacing the car, doing a factory reset, and following a trouble guide they have I went on my way hoping it would work at my house, and when I got home still the same problem. I immediately call the store and I was told it could be the device, and I should get it replaced. I said okay I udnerstand that everything cant be perfect im on my way. The rep says "no sir you have to call customer service and have them send you one BECAUSE YOU ARE PAST THE INITIAL 14 DAYS" WHAT?!?!?!? I am only past the 14 days because your rep in the store said I had to wait!!!!!!!!! she goes on about how there is nothing that can be done in the store. So I call the number she gave me and went through EVERYTHING again and the lady said have you tried wifi calling? I told her I did not have wifi. She advises me that there is nothing that can be done and BOOM no longer on the line! I didnt want to deal with it anymore and I had to go to bed cause I was leaving for a job out of town the following morninf for 6 weeks. Now obviously I no longer have my old phone at this point so that leaves me with no phone, but I need a reliable number to be contacted at for work cause I am on call and my boss is already tired of calling my brothers phone and me not able to get back to him right away all the time. At this point I have paid for something I could not use, my boss was getting mad, and I was losing money. LUCKILY my next job was out of town and I had full service and was thoroughly enjoying my phone, but then I came home, and nothing has changed. Now I could descrive the next several months of back and forth and how I ended up paying for my brother to activate verizon hotspot on his phone just so I could get calls from my boss on my number, but I wont. I will bring you to today. So I missed 3 calls for work from my boss cause my brother is not home much lately cause he is working crazy hours. My dad,the contract holder, has finally had it and contacts t-mobile himself. This is the conversation:

      You have been connected to %Risalene K.

      Garrick Townsend: I got this contract for my son almost 5 months ago now, and ever since we have been complaining about the service and reception with no help from you guys at all. If he is at home he has to be connected to wifi to be able to do anything at all. We pay almost $100 a month and if you look at the usage, with the exception if text messaging, we are not paying for anything we are supposed to be getting. He has missed several calls from work which is leading to a loss of income for him! When we signed the contract we were told we live in a great service area which is obviously a lie. Something needs to be done about this. He has contacted you guys numerous times, and now I am contacting you myself. Do something or I will be canceling all 3 lines

      %Risalene K: Hi Garrick , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat.  I’m %Risalene and I will be happy to assist you.  Please give me a moment to review your question.

      %Risalene K: I regret any inconvenience this has caused you.

      %Risalene K: Let's get it fixed; How many bars do you have right now on your phone?

      %Risalene K: That issue can be frustrating.

      Garrick Townsend: It would have been just an inconvenience months ago when this all started, but when he is told by you and the store that nothing can be done that has to be a load of bull.

      %Risalene K: I fully understand.

      %Risalene K: How many bars do you have right now on your phone?

      Garrick Townsend: 0

      Garrick Townsend: 0

      %Risalene K: I regret to know that.

      %Risalene K: What is the make and model of the phone?

      %Risalene K: Can you give me your exact address please?

      %Risalene K: I need to check your coverage.

      Garrick Townsend: Let me ask him what this thing is

      %Risalene K: Ok.

      Garrick Townsend: It is a Mytouch 4g slide. My address is 5551 Glenwood park ave, Erie Pa, 16509

      %Risalene K: Thx.

      %Risalene K: Did yo know that you can check coverage by going to http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/pcc.aspx.

      Garrick Townsend: yes, and that map and THE STORE said he should have a high g connection or whatever it is

      %Risalene K: I fully understand.

      %Risalene K: Where exactly you are right now?

      Garrick Townsend: in my house

      %Risalene K: Ok.

      %Risalene K: Where at your house? Inside the room? Kitchen?

      %Risalene K: Interior or Exterior room?

      Garrick Townsend: second floor sun room

      %Risalene K: Thx for the info.

      %Risalene K: Checking now.

      %Risalene K: You will have a good coverage with some pockets of poor performance.

      %Risalene K: We can have this fixed.

      %Risalene K: I need to file a service Request so that our Engineering team can make an ocular inspection.

      Garrick Townsend: there is never coverage that is the issue. He has to go outside or hold the thing to a windoe for a long time to send a message

      %Risalene K: They will investigate your area and they will check what improvements needs to be done.

      %Risalene K: I completely understand.

      %Risalene K: I know that this could be upsetting.

      %Risalene K: Let me file the request.

      Garrick Townsend: ok but how does this help us now

      %Risalene K: One moment.

      %Risalene K: The Service request will be taken care of our  Engineering team.

      %Risalene K: They will check your area and they make an inspection on what else can be done to improve the signal.

      %Risalene K: Let me check if we can file the request.

      %Risalene K: One moment.

      %Risalene K: Can you please provide a number that you are attempting to call?

      %Risalene K: Are you still there?Please respond.

      Garrick Townsend: which will probably take months. obviously you guys dont care about customer retention. He was told about a thing to make the signal stronger but we arent even allowed to have that. I dont understand why you need a number to call

      %Risalene K: You can also check troubleshooting steps on this link: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-4211

      Garrick Townsend: we have done that also

      %Risalene K: I completely understand.

      %Risalene K: It's okay Garrick if you do not want to provide the number.

      %Risalene K: When was the last time that you have signal on the phone?

      Garrick Townsend: i tried calling our local time and temp and it just sits on dialing forever

      Garrick Townsend: he said on his way home from work

      %Risalene K: I regret to know that.

      %Risalene K: Ok.

      %Risalene K: Has the phone ever work on that location?

      Garrick Townsend: the sim card, has been replaced, the store did a trouble shoot, and a factory reset.

      %Risalene K: I fully understand.

      Garrick Townsend: no it never has we have been complaining since we got it

      %Risalene K: I know where you are coming from.

      Garrick Townsend: he was told it may take time to adjust to the area and so we waited

      %Risalene K: I will feel the same way if I were on your situation.

      Garrick Townsend: 3 weeks later it still was not working

      %Risalene K: I understand.

      %Risalene K: Have you tried using wifi calling?

      %Risalene K: u can sign-up at www.t-mobile-takeaction.com to receive coverage updates in your area.

      Garrick Townsend: That is the only it will work but we dont have wifi in our home so he pays his brother to have a wifi thing on his verizon phone just to be able to use the wifi stuff sometimes, but his brother isnt here all the time cause he works too

      %Risalene K: Ok.

      %Risalene K: I fully understand.

      Garrick Townsend: so really he is paying a tmobile AND verizon billjust to use his tmobile phone

      %Risalene K: I understand the frustration.

      %Risalene K: Can we try to select your network?

      %Risalene K: Make sure that your phone is not on airplane mode.

      Garrick Townsend: it is not on airplane mode

      %Risalene K: Great.

      %Risalene K: How to perform a manual network selection to register on a  network



      Related error: 'Network unavailable'



      To manually select the wireless network the phone connects  to, follow these steps:



      From  the Home screen, press the Menu  key.

      Touch Settings.

      Touch Wireless & networks.

      Touch Mobile networks.

      Touch Network operators.

      Touch Search networks.

      Scroll  to and touch the desired network.

      If  prompted, touch OK to disable data  services and continue search.


      Note: The phone detects and registers on  wireless networks inside T-Mobile’s calling area, but roaming networks are  usually restricted to T-Mobile SIM cards. You can manually select a network  only in areas where T-Mobile does not own GSM spectrum

      Garrick Townsend: It says no networks found

      %Risalene K: I regret to know that.

      %Risalene K: You have mentioned that you have factory reset the phone, correct?

      Garrick Townsend: he said yes it has been done at least 3 times

      %Risalene K: The next step is to exchange  the phone. Will that be okay?

      Garrick Townsend: how long will that take?

      Garrick Townsend: and how much will that cost him?

      %Risalene K: One moment/

      %Risalene K: Let me check.

      %Risalene K: It will arrive on May 08, 2012.

      %Risalene K: There will be $5.00 processing fee. Will that be okay?

      Garrick Townsend: his friend was here earlier with some new phone showing it off and he had perfect reception. I do not understand why a phone we paid $250 for does not have the same thing

      %Risalene K: I regret to know that.

      Garrick Townsend: No we shouldnt have to pay for something that we did not cause

      %Risalene K: Is the phone from T-Mobile too?

      Garrick Townsend: my son said yes and it is a htc one something

      %Risalene K: I understand.

      %Risalene K: Do you want to process the exchange?

      Garrick Townsend: this is something that needs to be resolved TODAY. my son is on call for work and the more days he doesnt come in the more trouble he gets in

      %Risalene K: I fully understand.

      Garrick Townsend: this is not just some convenience thing. this is affecting us financially

      %Risalene K: Yes. We need to resolve this.

      %Risalene K: Based on our resources, we need to process the exchange.

      %Risalene K: Will I proceed now with the exchange?

      Garrick Townsend: no because we are not paying for something that is not our fault, and it does not resolve the issue TODAY. I do not think you understand that HE IS ON CALL FOR WORK meaning they call and he has to go

      %Risalene K: I understand.

      Garrick Townsend: if he is not getting the calls he is not going to work which means he is losing money and can possibly lose his job

      %Risalene K: I am trying to help you by providing options for this issue.

      %Risalene K: I am trying my best to help you out.

      %Risalene K: We need to process the exchange on the phone of your son.

      %Risalene K: I know that you really need the phone.

      Garrick Townsend: but we are not paying for it

      %Risalene K: I also understand that you do not want to pay the $5.

      %Risalene K: Let me check what we can do about it.

      Garrick Townsend: and it still does not resolve the issue TODAY

      %Risalene K: The $5 is for the handling and shipping.

      %Risalene K: I fully understand.

      %Risalene K: The main reason why we need to replace the phone is because other phones work on your area.

      %Risalene K: The phone is the issue that is why we need to replaced it to resolve the issue.

      Garrick Townsend: Can we just get a different phone in the store today?

      %Risalene K: No.

      %Risalene K: You cannot have the phone on the retail store today.

      %Risalene K: We need to process it for you.

      %Risalene K: Do you want to process it?

      Garrick Townsend: this has gone too far, how do I cancel these things

      %Risalene K: I regret that you want to cancel.

      Garrick Townsend: just please tell me who I need to call

      %Risalene K: Okay.

      %Risalene K: One moment.

      %Risalene K: I am sorry to hear that you want to cancel. Requests for cancellation must be processed over the phone to ensure that your concerns are fully addressed. We value your business and have Customer Care Representatives available to discuss your T-Mobile account. Simply Dial 1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your T-Mobile handset and say “Cancel” at the prompt

      Garrick Townsend: Thank you, and in the future you may want to say "Thank You" and not thx

      %Risalene K: I understand. Is there anything else we can assist you with today?


      Now I do not understand how this is at all acceptable. Granted my dad may have been a little short but look how long this has been going on. I told him to keep the lines on for at least 2 more weeks cause I am going out of town for work again, but I dont know what he will do after that. I really like the phones tmobile has but this is becoming unacceptable. Does anyone have any advice, or know who I can contact for help? and NO the retention department is no better. Sorry for how long winded it is, and I appreciate any advice that I can get.


            We've had the same experiences.  I feel your pain and I'll be happy when I'm with Verizon coming up in a few months!