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      • 30. Re: HTC One S constantly freezing and rebooting

        After lots of trial and error, I am in complete agreement it is the wi-fi causing the problem. After constant reboots of my original phone and the one t-mobile exchanged for me, I turned off wi-fi for 48 hours and it was fine.


        I dug around a bit more on the HTC forum and found a post with the following advice: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu > Advanced, and tap on "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" to enable it. Do the same for "Best Wi-Fi performance." Next, perform a soft reset by pressing and holding your power button and then choosing Restart.


        I followed the steps above (mine did not have "Best Wi-Fi performance" checked) and it has been working correctly without crashing for the last 24 hours. This includes going from home to work and back with the phone in my pocket. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will do the trick.

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          I left WiFi off almost all day yesterday as well, and also had no resets.  The day before I had no wifi coverage most of the day and had no resets, went home where I DO have wifi coverage, and when I left again...reset.  So I'm in complete agreement with the previous poster. (I did experience the phone getting sluggish and bogging down yesterday, so I suspect that is something different, which I will worry about later if it continues)


          I double-checked, and for me, the "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" was already checked, however "Best Wi-Fi performance" was not. I just enabled that (I hope the battery life warning is for something negligible) so we'll see what happens.

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            Hello Everyone,

            Just wanted to thank everyone for providing feedback on the HTC One S. I personally own this device myself and have not come across the issue with my phone rebooting or freezing. We will keep a close eye on this situation and if we come across anything we will definitely share it with our customers.


            Pooheart, That is odd that your replacement unit is doing the same thing as the original device. What city and state are you located? Have you tried to toggle your network from 4G to 2G in the settings?


            Gr8dane, Thank you for going the extra steps in filling out the crash report to HTC.

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              Again, my phone was in my pocket and rebooted itself. After it came back up, it didn't ask to send an error report. It'd really be nice if there was a papertrail that showed why the phone had to restart..

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                Misery loves company:) I got this phone a week ago and my biggest problem is that half the time when somebody calls, it doesn't even ring. Yesterday was the first time it shut down unexpectedly. This afternoon, instead of shutting down, it restarted. I was next to it both times and both times this occured when an email came in and the email notification sounded. I am using the native Gmail app and both times it created an error report for HTC which I sent.


                I also use wifi calling almost exclusively so, if that is the issue and that issue relates to my phone not ringing ... I will no longer be a T-Mobile customer as wifi calling is a necessity for me in my coverage area.

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                  I too have had this issue. No reboots with WIFI turned off.

                  I will try the suggested wifi settings and report back.

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                    Cross your fingers. I made those changes, turned wifi back on and I was rock solid all day yesterday and all night.  No slow-downs or freeze-ups either. I'm going to give it another day or so, and if this keeps up I will try turning WiFi calling back on and see if that changes anything.

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                      So I have been having reboots since I got the phone 3 days ago as well. And it is definitely an issue with wifi. I tried disabling wifi calling last night and didn't have any reboots, but I went out this morning and when I got back and it hopped on wifi again, it had another reboot. So it doesn't appear to be wifi calling.

                      Using "Best Wifi Performance" is an unacceptable solution because of how much more of a drain it is on the battery. And it's not like a signal problem, I've got full bars and am sitting in the same room as my router. Sounds like a firmware update is needed from HTC/Tmo...

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                        cj1171, I don't think anyone is suggesting that turning on Best WiFi Performance is a fix, but it might be an acceptable workaround until the proper firmware update is available.


                        Does anyone know how much of a battery hit this actually causes?  I haven't really noticed much of a difference but I haven't tried to quantify it either.

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                          True enough. I'll roll with it on all day today and see how the battery does compared to yesterday.

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                            I have had the "keep WiFi on during sleep" setting on since day 1 - I didn't play with the advanced options so it must be the default.  I also have the "best performance" setting set.  I still crash every day or two.

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                              I received my new phone 3 days ago and it constantly crashes and reboots, 7-8 times a day. I've tried all the tricks mentioned here. Last night I did a factory reset so no personal apps are installed, wi-fi is not even setup, still the phone has crashed sereral times within the last half hour. I so wanted to like this phone, but now I'm ready to ask for a refund.

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                                I tried a hard reset as well and now it's rebooted twice in the past hour. Not on Wifi. It's going back today.

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                                  I'm not sure of my return options. I purchased the phone on ebay. It was listed as 'new, never used' but now I discover that it is defective. If this forum is monitored by T-Mobile or HTC perhaps a rep could advise if the unit is returnable.

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                                    When you purchase a phone from a seller from eBay you need to look at the return policy of the seller. Your only other option is to contact HTC and see if it's under warranty.

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