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    Exceeded Data Limit - How?

      I've had a Samsung Exhibit II on the T-Mobile $30 1500 Talk Text, 30 MB data plan for less than a month. I rarely

      use the phone, and then only to make phone calls. I have *never* texted, used the internet, checked email or anything

      else involving data. Now when I check my account I receive the following message:


      "You have exceeded your data limit. You can renew ...."


      "You have used 30 MB of your 30 MB data allotment and may soon incur data overage charges"


      If that is the case, some background data-related option must be turned on by default that I don't know about.

      Maybe backup, or sync, or something? I'm a T-Mobile/Android newbie and have no idea what is going on and

      how to fix it.


      As an aside, I tried T-Mobile support. They don't have email, which cuts off that option. I called the support

      phone number and proceeded through some circular sequencde of menus without getting any option remotely

      matching my question, or figuring out how to contact a human (I did get plenty of options to buy things). I tried

      chat, similar process and result, no human chat. This is literally the worst customer support system I have ever

      encountered, and I've encountered plenty.


      Since T-Mobile has somehow figured out how to run up charges without my knowing it, I've turned off and

      unplugged the phone. Maybe I need to remove the battery?

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          30MB is really not that much data - normal background traffic can use this much in a month easily.  you need to make sure you are connected to wifi whenever possible - especially at home/work/school.


          make sure your apps or widgets (email/weather/news/FB/etc) are not updating very often - if at all.


          you can also turn off background data - but that may cause other issues when you do need updates.


          keeping under 30MB is really not possible unless you almost never use TMO data or are very judicious in turning off data when not connected to wifi.  A 200MB plan ($10) is better for most people who do not use the internet (or TMO data) much.

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            TMO data means T-Mobile data? What's included in that - I never consciously asked for any T-Mobile data.


            At home/work, which is where my phone is 99+% of the time, I always have wi-fi access, and I think I'm connected by wi-fi. But how would I be certain that all my calls and data are gouing thru wi-fi not T-mobile?


            I bought my phone without a plan/contract, because I live in a country outside the US 50% of the time, and I don't want to pay for a 2-year plan I can only use half the time. Although I can't find a 200MB plan ($10) on the T-Mobile site, I did see reference to one in a google search result, and my impression is it requires a two year contract.

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              data is anything which would go over the internet - web, email, maps, some games etc.  Voice calls do not use data.


              if you are connected to wifi, in the notification bar you'll see a icon with 3 rings like radio waves next to the battery icon.  if you are connected to t-mobile's network it will say 2G/3G/4G or G, E, H with up/down arrows (depending on your phone).


              also, eventhough you are connected to wifi, if the phone is off (sleep) for more than 15-20 min, it will probably disconnect the wifi connection and start using tmo data.  it will reconnect to wifi when your unlock the phone.


              the 200MB plan does not require a 2 year contract, but you may need to be a post-paid customer.  I'm sure there is another 200MB plan for pre-paid too (probably different price).

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                This morning I installed about 5 updates to apps I had on my phone, and probably used about 20MB's just doing that. I have a T Mobile Value Plan, and get 2 extra GBs of data for $10 a month.

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                  I checked and determined that I refilled the phone at 12:xx AM on 5/2, and the 30 MB data allotment was used up within 12 hours. During that time the phone was completely unused - it was on charge. So while I don't really understand how the data allotment is being used, I do understand that the data allotment on my $30 no-contract plan is useless.


                  Since I don't know how it's using up the data allotment .... if I accidently use more than my 30 MB data allotment, in a manner similar to that described above, does T-Mobile start piling up overage charges, or do they just turn off my data capability?


                  If I take the T-Mobile SIM card out and connect the phone thru wireless, does that assure that there is no data usage thru T-Mobile? Is there any other way to simply turn off all data usage thru T-Mobile, and require that data cabability is only available when connected to wi-fi?


                  Regards the T-Mobile Value Plans, they require a two year contract, which I don't want for reasons stated above. Plus the cheapest one for 2 extra GB as described above is about $50/mo, whereas my no contract plan is $30/mo. I know for many people that's trivial, but for me it's significant, since I rarely use the phone.

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                    it depends on your plan, some have overage charges, some cut you off.  check with our specific plan.


                    to turn off TMO data, go into menu - settings - wireless - network settings - uncheck data enabled.  then you'll only get data over wifi.


                    if you are using 30MB overnight, then either an app is transferring a lot of info and/or you are not using wifi.  there are apps in the Play Store which can tell you which app is using the data (can't think of the name right now).

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                      Try turning off your data entirely.  If you have wifi at your home or work or where you use the phone the most, then you can access the internet via wifi.  Thats what I do.


                      Go to  Settings/Wireless & Network/Mobile Networks/ Use Packet Data (Make sure use packet data is TURNED OFF/UNCHECKED - That will disable ALL data usage)


                      Another option is to install the DATA ENABLER widget which you can find and download on Google Play....That will let you disable ALL data with the press of one button on a widget on your homescreen.  Also make sure you check the top of your phone where all the icons are...Youll be able to doublecheck to make sure if the wifi  icon is on - or if it says 4G or E (if the latter are showing up, youre using your data connection)


                      It really depends on what your needs are.  As others have said, 30MB is very little and as youve noticed can be used up very quickly.  But if you dont need data a lot, heres an example of how that plan could work.  Using the steps I stated above, you have data turned completely off whenever youre not in a wifi zone so that it doesnt accidentally use data.  When at home (or work) with wifi, you turn wifi on (keep data off) and then you can access the internet, music, apps, etc via the wifi connection and that wont count against your data.  Youll also find that many of the games (once downloaded via wifi) will work fine without a data or wifi connection when youre out and about.  Some even give you a plus because you can play the free games without having to see the ads.  Then if you only need limited data when youre out - ie checking an email or using your GPS - you can turn the data on then...That will use very little data.  This has worked for someone I know perfectly.  But it all depends on what youre going to use the phone for and what your data needs are and whether you have access to a wifi connection.  The one thing you need to know that I found out the hard way is that if your data is turned off or your 30MB has expired, apparently with this type of handset, you cannot send or receive picture messages or MMS.  Your regular text SMS will work but any MMS will fail. I found out the hard way as friends would send me picture texts and I wouldnt be able to download the photo.  After about a half dozen Tmo reps couldnt explain why, one guy finally figured it out and told me that MMS wont work on this phone without data (even though it works fine on a data-less feature phone)


                      I hope this helps.  When youre new to an Android phone, you dont really understand how everything works and sadly no one tells you so yes you could use up 30MB without ever touching the phone.

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                        Oh the other app that gandecab was referring to is probably one like ONAVO.  If you install that, it will show you per day/week/month, which apps are using how much data.  That might enable you to see if an app is using up a lot of data in the background.  It also enables you to limit certain apps to wifi so they wont use up a lot of data, and will warn you of certain apps (like google music) that can be data hoggers.  You can , for example, tell it to limit Google Play to wifi only so that it doesnt automatically start updating apps and use up your data.


                        IF you have a need, however, to be hooked up to data 24/7 when youre out and about, you probably need more data.  But like I said above, if you only need data sporadically such as the occasional email check or a 10 minute GPS drive, 30 MB can actually last if you use wifi the rest of the time.


                        Otherwise, you might be better off with something like StraightTalk which enables you unlimited talk/text/data (at only 3G I think) for $45 - but supposedly they have a new program which enables you to bring your own phone  that runs on a GSM network (like Tmobile) ...


                        Last thought, if you really rarely use the phone, maybe a pay by the day would be cheaper...but realize you still get called if someone calls you and you have your phone turned off...and also youd still need to make sure your data is completely turned off or youll get billed for that day.


                        Again, I hope some of that helps...I understand that money is tight so I hope Im giving you some suggestions that will be useful.  Sometimes posters dont understand that everyone doesnt have their needs for high levels of data or their wallet for plans that are 3x that of what youve got right now.

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                          The other prepaid plan they were talking about is 100MB of 4G for $50 or 2GB of 4G for $60.  That sounds like a lot more than you need.  Ive read the posts in more detail now and you say you have wifi at home so please make sure youre connected to your wifi and turn off the Tmo data.  Thats what I do and it works...and I havent experienced the wifi turning off when the phone is asleep - but again if your Tmo data is turned off then that wouldnt be an issue.  That should work for you since its worked for us on that same plan.

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                            Turn off all packeta data . Use data only when you have wi-fi .  30 mb is useless , so just turn of mobile packet data entirely and forget about it . Only wi-fi is fine , no surprises .