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        Appearently the T-Mobile version just passed through the Bluetooth SIG (the group that oversees the standard), so we will be getting it. I'm just not sure I'll still be with T-Mobile by then. Their network in my area has been getting less and less reliable.

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          Do you mean you will put your GSII for sale or hope Tmobile will put the GSII on sale when the GSIII comes out? The last part is not clear with the wording used.

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            Tough call as i got the GSII wben it first came out. This phone is so much better than the Vibrant. After 6 months of the Vibramt i wanted the GSII. Now the III is soon to be available and are there enough improvements to upgrade yet again an probably within a year. The next best thing was out yesterday with electronics. It is all what you want and i cannot see paying full price for any of these phones. I may hang on until Oct to see how things play out and also test the willpower. If this phone takes until Sept/oct to hit Tmo them i will be eligible again for best price on upgrade. I may go to the GSIII then, however we will not be far off for the rumors on the 4th Galaxy..ha

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              so is it true SIII has 2Gigs of ram , would love to get one but money is tight now.

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                Only 1 GB of ram unless Tmobile throws their carrier clout on that spec to be boosted.

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                  Here's an article that outlines the Japanese version may include 2GB of RAM.  No word on the US version.  We can dream though.


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                    ahh!! thats were i did see the 2GB of ram lol thanks animaleyzz so ya still dreaming lol.

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                      <== needs moar hard drive

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                        What do you mean?  Although I don't speak or read Japanese I'm sure the sign outside the shop would show the cheaper price version being the 16GB one.  Did you by chance click on the spec sheet below?  Not to mention you can always add an external 64GB microSD card. 

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                          Dude are you guys kidding me? do you guys know ANYTHING about phones AT ALL? do you know ANYTHING about hardware performace or not?


                          I'm right with you man the INTERNATIONAL version of the SIII will be A LOT BETTER then what we get here, the GSII International version was A LOT better then the DONWGRADED **** we got here.


                          T-Mobile ALWAYS does this, they DOWNGRADE the processor every single time. Watch we don't get the powerful Exynos processor, but we end up with some **** like we did on the GSII like OMAP clocked at 1.4 or 1.5 whatever the hell it was clocked at, and was STILL **** compared to the International version of the phone.


                          That's just the way it is though man, Samsung go it right from the get go, but carriers think that they are as good as phone manufactors are, and decide to mess with it. . Leave the **** thing as it is, T-Mobile I BEG you to NOT MESS WITH THE PROCESSOR. .JUST LET IT BE.


                          When it comes down to it, I will 98% sure go with the SIII, but I'll have to see how much T-Mobile  downgrades the thing to see if the coverge of warranty through T-mobile is worth getting a downgraded phone, or if they downgrade it to a level where I would say ***** YOU to T-Mobile, and get the phone as it was meant to be from Europe.


                          you guys just need to understand something here. T-Mobile DOWNGRADES phones, they DO NOT upgrade them. The T989 was a DOWNGRADE from its original international version. But I guess it all comes down to if you really understand the hardware, or if you are sold on the numbers that T-mobile tries to put down customers throats.


                          The other thing about the SIII is that it is NOT a real UPGRADE from the SII, in fact it is VERY DISSAPOINTING. Samsung did not do anything other then try to sell the SIII with some features which all sound cool, but in reality are pretty much USELESS (Like SIRI on apple devices, and this S-Voice ****). So I wouln't blame anybody for holding off, and saying no to this one. Like I said, it is NOT a REAL upgrade.


                          Samsung has already started a MASS production of 4gb DDR2 ram, but they had to squeese just one more phone in there with just 1 gig of ram which is the SIII. . I don't really know what the reason for starting a huge mass production of 4gb DDR2 ram is, but it could be for the SIV you never know.


                          I just look at this SIII just like the Iphone 4S was to the Iphone 4. . Simply Samsung trying to push it as much as it can without really upgrading THAT much all at once.


                          In conclusion T-Mobile downgrades phones (remember that, they don't EVER upgrade)

                          International Version of the SG phones are always more POWERFULL, and ALWAYS get updates faster then the carriers (All comes down to what YOU want, and everybody is different so I guess it comes down to your own preference)

                          SIII is not a real upgrade from a GSII (I wouldn't blame anybody for not upgrading, don't get sold on the NEW AND SHINY new features, because they are trash, and most likely would make it to a lot of phones with a simple root in just a few months)

                          The GSIII system is ALREADY rooted for crying out loud and the **** thing isn't even released yet.


                          Anyway, sorry for the LONG post, I've always been a long time listener, but never really called in.

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                            Do you really know anything about phones?  Do you know why T-Mobile changed the processor?  If so you'd understand that there was a trade off in processing power versus download/upload speed.  I'd rather have faster 4G network than how fast my cellphone can throw around a bunch of polygons on a bench mark test anyway.   Now that the new GSIII processor plays well with (nearly all) spectrums (and radios)  and giving the fact that T-Mobile is refarming the network as well as working towards an actual LTE network there won't be a need to change processors.  They didn't with the original Galaxy S so there was no credance to your statement saying they change the processors every single time. 

                            Not to mention most of the dual core processors (in smartphones) run circles around the quad-cores anyway.  I'm just not a big cellphone gamer.  I custom build my PC's for that or Xbox 360.

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                              16 GB does not fulfill the job required and neither does external sd card. External sd is great for music, movies, pictures, and emulators. The problem I see with 16 GB internal is the movement of apps to sd. The pathway apps to sd follows is " /mnt/sdcard". This places it on your USB drive. Your hard drive is partitioned into 2 storage spaces. System storage (2 GB) and USB storage (11.25 GB). The apps to sd card in your task manager moves it to USB. Path for your external sd is "mnt/sdcard/external_sd". Task manager nor does any other non-rooted "apps to sd" program pull this function off properly. Basically, if you download massive size apps (dead space, six guns, modern combat, grand theft auto 3, etc.), adios hard drive. Not feeling the root idea because I want fully functional drivers (radio, modem, camera, speaker, GPS, etc.). Will not do it unless Tmobile botches the ICS update and messes up my phone.


                              As for the rant on exynos quadcore CPU with multiple Mali gpus, no, we probably will not get that nor will any carrier as it tends not to play nice with any US towers. Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 with Adrenno 220 gpu is in our current unit. Omap is in the nexus. Snapdragon S4 with an updated adrenno gpu (225 in the one s and one x on Tmobile and AT&T) is the likely canidate for our phone. No carrier has quadcore at this point and with apple filing frivolous patent suits such as "touch to slide", I wouldn't be surpised if they sued over quadcore chips in cellphones to block it in the USA. I really hope that company loses everything. They're actually blocking improvements in how we communicate.

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                                animaleyezz  nailed it before I had seen it, my bad on the late post and the novel.

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                                  What are you talking about with drivers and rooting?  Custom ROM? Sure.  Rooting the stock ROM?  No driver problems, nothing not working, no effects whatsoever negative.  You have been talking to the wrong people.

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                                    I have rooted 3 t989's alone and again after the last update.  No driver problems, nothing not working.


                                    The person doing it has to know what they are doing though.  THAT'S when problems can happen.  Custom roms can also have problems.