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      I have a little problem, my htc radar 4g, I had to reset my phone because resently my facebook account got hacked, and i didn't now if was because facebook or yahoo or my live account so i didn't want to take any chances.


      i had many games i bought

      how do i get them back its says i have to buy them again.... what to do, i don't want to buy them again...

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          You don't have to buy them again as long as you are signing in with the same Windows Live ID that you used when you made the purchases.


          The screen will say "buy" but just go ahead and tap that and you will see that it recognizes you already purchased them. If you haven't bought the app yet, when you tap "buy" then you see a confirmation screen where you pick your credit card or T-Mobile billing -- you won't see that screen if it's just a re-download.


          You can also reinstall apps by going to windowsphone.com from your computer's browser.