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    Freeing up memory of Sensation.

      My Sensation comes with 563 mb of memory but I have over 450 used (and I don't even have a lot of apps running). Is there a way to free up memory... and yes, I have already tried killing all or most running apps in the settings but it frees up very little (maybe 40-50 MB).


      Also is there a way to permanently stop or delete Tele-Nav which seems to use a lot of memory but I don't ever use it.

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          How are you measuring your internal storage? My Sensation shows 1.1 GB internal storage total with 433 MB free, I have 80 apps installed. My largest app is Netflix with 26.53 MB used. I only have one app moved to microSD storage.

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            Ozzythedog you are correct the Sensation will have about 100-150 MB of Ram available when all is said and done, this is plenty for the device to operate and it will manage that memory closing apps when needed in order to allow you to continue using the phone, also you should see an additional performance increase when the new update hits soon.

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              I pull down the tray and in "quick settings" is says Total Memory 563, 457 MB used and 106 MB free. Same as if I went to the "Task Manager" . I read that the OS used up a little less than half of the 1 gig memory thus leaving about 550-600 MB of user available memory. And most of my installed apps are on the SD card.

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                Thanks Keith.


                I've never had a problem running out of memory or any noticable difference once I shut down some running apps to gain more. Just curious as I thought running on 4/5 used of the total was the norm of if I had something draining a lot of memory.