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    Nearing my Last Resort...farewell T Mobile...I will miss you (please help)

      I am having the same problem with my phone as many others..it stops making and receiving calls almost every day...I have tried dozens of hard reboots, a new SIM, a new phone, many, many calls to T Mobile and cannot solve this problem. I don't think i should have to restart my phone everyday, and miss calls everyday when it stops working ...It happens regardless of what apps are installed, if any, regardless of were i am, regardless of whether WiFi is off or on, regardless of whether GPS is off or on, etc....I have been with T Mobile for over 10 years and never had a complaint, but this is unacceptable... T mobile has no idea why i'm having this problem...If they are not willing to replace my phone with a different one that actually works, I will be forced to cancel my plan..and if they refuse to either fix the problem or let me off my contract i will be calling my lawyer. I'm spending a lot of money on a phone that doesn't work and also costing me more money due to missed calls! why have a phone that can do everything but make or receive phone calls! I will Greatly appreciated any advice whatsoever that i may try before my last resort of leaving T Mobile. since i really don't want to do this.



      p.s. At this time I cannot afford to buy a new phone or i would have already done that.