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    i want to cancel my serivce

      i don't like t-mobile bwcuase i don't get serivce in my area lately. i used to get serivce but my new samg exbit 2 phone now doesn't get serivce in my area and i am stuck with my 2 year contract can someone pleease help me get out of this 2 year  contract because iam paying and not getting any serivce in my area.

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          Just in your home?

          Can use wifi calling.

          If not you will need too find someone to take over the contract or pay the etf.

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            If you had service previously but it disappeared as soon as you changed phones, it's probably an issue with the phone itself. Have you spoken with technical care at all? And was this phone an upgrade or did you just outright buy it? Are you on the same plan as you were on previously and using the same SIM card from that time?


            You do also have a 14 day grace period with stores and a 20 day grace period via website or telesales if all else fails, but this sounds a lot more like a phone issue then anything if you haven't moved recently.

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              You may want to talk to tech about it. If it's the phone, they may work with you. If it's not, then technically you can get out of contract. If you don't get their service in your area while in contract, you have every right to leave without worrying about a ETF. I think it's in the small print. Unfortunately, that's the ONE stipulation that'll get you out of contract- you don't get their service in your area.


              However, knowing this started after getting the new phone, it sounds like a hardware issue. Even if it isn't, good luck. They'll probably put you through the ringer with return after return of phones before admitting to lack of service. But this really does sound like the phone over network.

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                only in my area not everwhere i don't get serivce

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                  it is the area can someone help me find someone that can take over my contract