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    People leave a voicemail, but I never get it

      OMFG. Does anyone else have this problem? I got my G2 back in January and about a month later I was told by friends they would call me and it would either go straight to voicemail (and I'd never even get a registered missed call from them), or I'd get a regular missed call and they'd leave me a voicemail but I would only be getting like 2 out of every 5 voicemails. I thought the issue had resolved itself, but about two weeks ago it came to light that I wasn't recieving ANY voicemails that were being left whatsoever.  I had read up on a few discussion boards of others having the missed calls not registering problems. I took my phone in a few days ago, they replaced my SIM card, because "oh, it's definitely a SIM card issue. This will deifnitely fix that problem. Our G2 is like, our least problematic phone; we hardly ever have people return it." RIGHT. I'm still not receiving any voicemails whatsoever, and I've had at least 10 people call and leave me voicemails as tests. (not to mention, my G2 also has many of the same issues several of you have mentioned on this board already, natch)


      Has anyone else had this problem? Furthermore, I'm probably just going to be told to send off for a new G2, and get a refurb anyway-fml. And HYPOTHETICALLY, if it is still an issue, what does anyone know about TMo's history on just bucking up and taking my G2 back and getting me a different model new phone in exchange? (without making my wallet cry?)

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          I can't help with your current problem, but I can tell you that they have been great with me in the past for exchanges. I went from the G1 to the Cliq to the myTouch 3G Slide and finally to the G2. The most I ever spent out of pocket when going to a different phone was $100, and they were always more than happy to put it on my account. If you explain the situation calmly and treat your CC rep with respect, they generally will help as much as they can. Good luck!

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            Thanks cagirl573! Did you speak with someone at CC about exchanging over the phone? Or did you do it in person at a TMo store? I'm just afraid I'm going to get another G2 that's totally janky, and have to start all over--I kind of want to avoid that and just get a different phone altogether--one that I haven't heard of having a ton of issues like this--if Im going to have to start from scratch with a new phone and such.

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              I did it over the phone, but that was after I had gone through 4 or 5 of each phone I had had before. I don't know if they will be willing to do that for you as your first replacement, but it's always worth a try! Also, since the phone is discontinued, you might have better luck.

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                For the record Brandi, I have the *exact* problem you describe.  I haven't really tried to get it fixed, but if you figure it out, please post here.

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                  Brandi and Coogs:


                  Since voice mail is handled in the T-Mobile network, this problem would have nothing to do with your phone.  To test this, turn off the phone, and have someone leave you a message.  Then try to retrieve the message by calling your cell phone number and pressing '*' when your message starts.  The voice mail system should then ask you for your PIN, and then tell you whether you have a voicemail or not.


                  If you do this, and you can retrieve the voicemail in this fashion, then when automated operator asks if you want to save the message or delete it, leave it in your inbox (press # when it asks you to save or delete).  Then turn your phone on, and press the the voicemail button to try retrieving the message.  You should be able to do it.


                  If you do this but when you call in to your voicemail box from a landline, your voicemail says it's empty, it is definitely a T-Mobile network/voice mail system problem.  Call Customer Service and ask them to delete your voice mail box and recreate it, and see if that fixes the problem.


                  Again, your handset has nothing to do with your voice mail; it is stored in the T-Mobile network on T-Mobile servers (or their outsource provider, however it is set up).


                  One other thing to check with TM Customer Service on the phone:  go to Settings/Call Settings and ensure that your Voicemail service and Voicemail settings are correctly set, as well as your Call Forwarding settings (they should be forwarding busy, unanswered and unreachable calls to the same number as the number in the voicemail settings.


                  Good luck!