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    Wifi Calling and Blue Tooth Device Problem

      When I turn on the Wifi Calling feature, the phone shows no reception bars.  Normally wouldn't care, since I can still make calls.  The problem is my Blue Tooth adapter has a notification when you are out of service and basically chirps until you show signal.  I have the Motorola H350.  For some unknown reason, it doesn't always do it, about half and half.  Any suggestions on how I can get my phone to let my ear piece know that while on Wifi calling, I do have signal.  My earpiece is an older model, I thought about eventually replacing it, but didn't want to waste money if I was just going to run into the same problem.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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          My guess is that when you turn on wifi everything else is turned off, even the bluetooth. I think wifi calling is meant to be used when you don't have access to call the normal way.

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            I found this on page 198 of the operators manual:


            Important!: The Mobile AP service can not be active at the same time as

            Wi-Fi. Please close your Wi-Fi connection prior to launching the

            Mobile AP service.


            This is data and calling that is turned off, except for wifi calling. When the mobile aps are turned off because wifi is turned on, the bluetooth becomes disabled.

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              I appreciate the attempt, that note in the manual is for tethering, just saying to deactivate your wifi connections prior to tethering since you cannot turn your phone into a signal while accessing a signal.  In order to turn Wifi calling on, I have to be connected to a wifi signal.  Unfortunately, the manual doesn't discuss wifi calling at all, except for a sentence under wifi basically saying it will turn on automatically once you have a wifi signal.


              I think I may be out of luck, I believe they didn't think of bluetooth devices with that feature when they set it up.  Basically I'm sure if was just overlooked.  When I look for a new ear piece, I would want to make sure it doesn't have that feature of beeping when out of signal.  Though I can use the plug in ear piece (It doesn't have that feature), I just hate the wire.  I did want to look into new bluetooths anyways, I would like one of the newer ones that can connect to two phones at the same time, my work and personal.


              Thank you again for trying to help.

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                Please read the note carefully. Your AP sevice cannot be active the same time as wifi.  It does not matter if you are ethering or not. Turn the wifi on on your phone. When you do the bars go away that displays signal strength. It does that on each and every GS2. And when it does this, it deactivates the bluetooth connection also.