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    Amaze Issues

      I have an HTC amaze.  I bought one when they first came out and got a replacement just over a month ago.  I had many issues with the first one that made me seek replacement.  In no order they are, Constant resetting, pictures not showing up, contacts not showing, alarm not being set for correct time, ring tones changing themselves, and multiple text messages coming through.  I did a warranty exchange and roughly one month later I have found myself experiencing the same issues again, some more often then others.  I first went to my local store to check and see what could be done, I was told the only option is a warranty exchange that would cost me another $20.  I told the rep I would leave and call CC since I didnt think I should have to pay again for a new device since I just did about a month ago.  I phoned customer care and after about 45 minutes and the third level rep, I got told my choices were, a.) A factory reset (which I tried about two weeks ago but according to TMO did wrong), or b.) contact HTC to see what there options were, as TMO will not do a warranty exchange for a device with known issues, which mine has.  After about 15 minutes on the phone with HTC, I got told they do not exchange phones, the carrier has to or I could send my phone off for two weeks while they look at it to see if anything is wrong, leaving me without a phone in the mean time.  Oh and according to HTC there are no known issues with the phone at this point in time.  I tell HTC no thanks, and call tmobile back.  I try to talk to the same guy (who was great btw) but he is now at lunch....just my luck.  I end up talking to another person and get told my only other option is a master reset, after which I can not add any apps, e-mail, programs, or use a memory card for 72 hours. 


          So I do the factory reset according to these instructions, (http://http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2695) and lucky me, my Google calendar wont sync correctly.  I can now see 1 of my 5 calendars that I use daily ( and yes the sync is on and the calendars are selected).  I am getting a follow up call in three days from the last person I talked to, but I am in no way confident that the issues are going to be fixed, based off the issue I am already seeing, but hey at least its a new one right.  So now what should I do, wait the 3 days, call back in to CC, go to the store. I have had issues in the past with other phones, but never to this extent.  Every other time I got replacement phones, but not this time.  I hate to leave TMO, been with them forever, but I not feeling the same about them as I once did.


      I am open to any suggestions that anyone may have. 

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          I am have all those same problems with my Amaze.  I planned on getting the Samsung Galaxy II, but Tmobile didn't have any at the time, so I got the Amaze.  I had 2 weeks to change my mind and exchange it.  For those 2 weeks it worked beautifully.  On the 3rd week, the problems started and it was too late.  I previously had the Mytouch 4G and didn't have any problems.  I even rooted it and installed a ROM. 


          I've been hoping the elusive ICS update might have some improvements.  I don't want to root this phone right now because it's having so many issues and can't afford to void the warranty.  But now I'm wondering if keeping the warranty is pointless.  Why pay to exchange a faulty phone for another faulty phone??? 


          I'd love to know if anyone has had these problems and rooted it.  Maybe a ROM and later version of Sense would work better.  It seems like the whole problem is Sense itself.


          Sooooo frustrated. 

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            Just a quick update about the issues.  Im now enjoying that my phone will not connect to any wi-fi, be it open or closed networks. I am now unable to connect my phone to my laptop, according to my phone and computer I am missing the required drivers, but not according to HTC's site.  Which is really strange because I was able to just fine prior to the master reset. Perhaps the most strange thing I am noticing is that it is still resetting its self, however now its after I attempt to connect to wi-fi or my laptop, only had a couple resets otherwise.


            Im still waiting for any ideas or suggestions about these issues? Anyone?

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              Wow that is really weird.....I have NONE of those issues that you described, i bought my phone off the t-mobile site and my sibling bought one at a t-mobile store..no issues. The only issue i have with my phone is the task manager, once in a while if i click kill all multiple times in a day, the phone will freeze and i have to pull out the battery.

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                Well we are now in the process of having the engineers look into what's going on with my phone.  I was told there is no other replacement device for my  phone and that they are reluctant to send me another Amaze, due to me possibly having the same issues.  So now I just sit and wait to hear back from TMO again.  Hopefully this wont take too long.

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                  On XDA-Developer.com under the amaze tab there is the actual release of ICS, I have it and it works Great, no more bluetooth and 3x text messages, etc this is the official ruu for tmobile no hack no nothing download the file and change name to PH85IMG.ZIP and put on sdcard. shutdown phone and hold vol up and powerbutton till boot comes up and watch teh magic, this will erase your internal storage so back up. other then that love it and it works great. no root no unlock nothing that simple. Hope this gives some insight to stopping all the issues.


                  P.S. http://www.filefactory.com/f/40bba0821a54f264

                  that is the link to the support. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=21615164

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                    You getting repeat SMS too?

                    I was thinking it was just my line.

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                      Still waiting on TMo to tell me whats next.....ugh.


                      If I did the update on my own, I am positive, that in someway, I would get told that I did something to void my warranty on my phone.  I would rather wait for another month or so and get it officially so they cant say I did this or that and that is what has caused my problems.


                      And as far as the repeat messages go....yup, I always have had that issue. 

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                        In one of the other posts Tmo_mike did say that this would void your warranty with T-Mobile.

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                          Thanks for being patient and allowing our engineers to look into your sync issues, if you do want to get an update (because I know I would) you can easily do so without even calling in, you can use our chat to get an easy and fast update on your ticket. http://support.t-mobile.com/community/chat

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                            I like the phone, the first one i ordered didnt even last a month before it started randomly powering off. Now i am having issues with the second one.

                            Phone has started powering off randomly, then when i push power to turn it back on the cameras flash goes off. I took out the battery and tried again now phone is not responding at all. Phone was half charged, tried charging it more, not recieving any indicators.. There is no water damage or physical damage ... called customer service, and they didnt even try to trouble shoot the issue, and said i would have a new phone in 2 weeks, i told them that i didnt want another amaze because it obviously has problems, asked them to allow my upgrade be expidited since upgrade is available in July, that request was denied, I was then told that it would take over 2 weeks for shipment of the new phone, if i wanted it sooner i would have to pay for shipping on top of the $20 for the new one. I had been debating on whether i should renew my contract or not my desicion was made for me yesterday. I dont understand why they would keep replacing a phone that obviously has issues ( Most of the discussions have mention customers on there 2nd or 3rd phone already)....seems to me like T mobile is more concerned about making money and  getting new customers than taking care of, and making the ones they have left happy

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                              Didn't you post in another thread that the phone was your mom's and was barely used? Now you're posting that your on your second one.

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                                i dont see what difference whose phone it was. I got the phone for my mother yes, the first one crapped out in less than a month , she was using the 2nd one up until recently and it was barely used

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                                  Mine for the most part had been good other then lower range on Bluetooth.

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                                    You changed your story so it just seems odd. First it was your mother's and now it's yours and it was a replacement phone. Don't know what to believe. Sorry



                                    mwilgus69 wrote:


                                    i dont see what difference whose phone it was. I got the phone for my mother yes, the first one crapped out in less than a month , she was using the 2nd one up until recently and it was barely used

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