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    WiFi Calling and SMS Integration?


      Can someone confirm, no assumptions please, that outgoing and incoming SMS is also passed through the One S WiFi Calling feature? I need to ensure that I receive pages via SMS at my house where the signal is spotty.

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          WiFi Calling will allow you to send/receive calls and SMS/MMS over a Wi-Fi connection.

          T-Mobile's internal documenation led me to the answer for that question, so no assumptions, other than that my documentation is valid

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            I'm having an issue where my incoming SMS time-stamps (over WiFi only) are off by 14 hours!


            I have had a recent problem after upgrading to ICS. Now, when I am on WiFi (at home) the SMS message time-stamp is about negative 14 hours off (messages received at 7 PM EST have a time stamp of 5 AM EST.) I checked the time on my WiFi router and it is accurate. My time on my phone is also accurate. Strangley, time stamps for incoming and outgoing calls as well as outgoing SMS messages are not effected. Noting else seems to be amiss.


            The only thing which is wrong is incoming SMS messages. This means that when people respond to my SMS messages, their messages appear to arrive BEFORE my original message. Very strange...And, this only started happening after I upgraded to ICS.


            Has this happened to anyone else?

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              Your router should have a date/time setting...I'd check into that...or...go on the phones settings and disable network time as that might pull time from your router.

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                Thank you for your response. I checked the router time and appears to be accurate. I also tried your suggestion, but no luck.

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                  The WiFi Access point time is only used to apply times to the logs, so that shouldn't be impacting the packets that pass through it.