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Unable to Download Apps on Lumia: Child Account Error


First make sure Windows Live ID has the correct birthdate.


First, login to Hotmail; once in, locate the "Options" menu, which is near the top right corner of the screen; click on it, and choose "More options" at the very bottom: 



The "Hotmail Options" screen will open next: under "Managing your account", click on the "Account details (password, aliases, time zone)" link: 



To prevent others from tempering with your Windows Live profile information, you'll need to re-login first: enter your Hotmail password and hit Enter.

Hotmail will now display your Windows Live profile in details: the first section, labeled "Account Information", includes your personal information. Click on the "Change" link displayed on the right of your birthday listed next to "Birth date" (tied to age). 



At the top of the next screen ("Registered Information"), you will find two dropdown menus for your birthday's month and day, and a text field for your birth year. Enter your exact date of birth: (and remember to use the correct one, since you may have to re-supply it at a later stage, like trying to reset your Hotmail password information) 



Once you have changed your Hotmail birth date, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to apply the new setting to your Windows Live profile: 



And this is all it takes to change your age and birthday, and update your date of birth for your Windows Live Hotmail profile! The change is applied immediately, and remember to update any other Hotmail accounts you may have, since this will only affect the email account and Windows Live profile under which you were currently signed in.


Once Windows Live birthdate is correct, then have the customer log into http://www.zune.net/en-US/  and PROMOTE CHILD ACCOUNT.


A Zune child account qualifies to be promoted to an adult account when the child reaches the age of 18 or otherwise reaches legal adult age. Adult age varies by country.


The birthday is based on the date that is provided during the initial account creation process for the child account.When the account is promoted, any parental control restrictions that previously existed for the child account are removed.


If a user of a child account reaches adult age in the given country or region, the Promote Child Account option is available when they sign in to their Zune account the first time after they reach the adult age. After the account has been promoted, this option no long appears.



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