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    T-Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Calling settings needed

      Objective: T-Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Calling setup on my Nokia e5-00.2 (sip profile)


      Background: While at home, work and traveling I have difficulty stayng connected to T-Mobile's cellular network.  Area coverage has never improved, however this was not an issue while I had the Nokia e73 mode phone.  The wifi calling at home and at work kept me continuously connected (woot!).  Unfortunately my e73 is now very, very dead.  I cannot purchase another b/c it is not offered.  I purchased an equivalent unlocked Nokia e5-00.2 for a variety of reasons I'll not include here.  It is missing the T-Mobile HotSpot calling connection settings.  If I had the settings, I am certain I could create a SIP profile and be happy again. 



      * Contacted T-Mobile Support - They stated the feature is not available.  I understand while this is technically untrue, they have to maintain their support standards.  I accept that response, however I may call back.  Different technicians devine supported differently.

      * Restore/Explore Nokai e73 backups -  I have multiple backup files (*.nbu) and the freeware required to extract the contents.  Any suggestions on which folders/files have the settings would be fantastic.  I have not done this yet.


      Responses: I appreciate everyones input.  That said, please do not suggest/reply with...

      * Alternative VOIP solutions - changing my number is not an option

      * Forwarding calls - This may conflict with my existing call forwarding solution

      * Opinions - I am not complaining about T-Mobile.  They are not perfect, however I am a ten+ year customer.  They work fine for me (mostly).  Let us keep this discussion on topic and factual. 


      Thank you everyone!



      Clever Guy