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    CEO New Ad Statement.!!

      I think we need to take the CeO out for an afternoon of electro-shock, just to get him back on track.
      Especially if he thinks that taking over 6 months to get ICS released to their number one selling phone is,what did he say "Bold steps in the marketplace".

      Read the tmonews release I've linked below & respond as to if you agree.

      Maybe If enough people agree with me we can tweet Mr. Humm & see if he's available.



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          In order to be the best you have to offer the best.

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            When I read that all I could hear was ... "blah blah blah"

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              All I get from you is a .. Blah Blah Blah..

              It was meant to be funny, you can't tell me you didn't giggle. You had to know that I was mixing a bit of funny with a bit of sarcasm

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                I didn't mean you lacelot sorry.

                I meant from reading Phillip Humus (intentionally misspelled) email message.

                Your post I liked but that was so much BS coming from him.

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                  It was pretty standard coded marketing double-speak. Let me translate it for you:


                  We have a solid network today and offer many of the top phones. But that isn't working out for us like it has in the past.


                  We don't have the iPhone and even though the iPhone has not been profitable for the other carriers it has caused us to lose too many subscribers.


                  4G LTE has become the new darling of the carriers and public perception. Even though our HSPA+ 42 4G network offers more coverage and more than enough bandwidth for smartphones we are going to have to spend the money to switch to 4G LTE - just like Sprint and AT&T are already doing. The good news is that we already have a solid 4G network in place so our upgrade is not as desperate as Sprint's and AT&T's. The bad news is that we are now a year behind them.


                  We could have gotten the iPhone 4 because we are on the same type of network as AT&T but the deal didn't make sense for us at the time because we stress 4G and Apple wouldn't let us call 7mbps service 4G


                  Apple has told me that the iPhone 5 will be 4G LTE and they will cut us a better deal this time because they need the iPhone on all carriers to help fend off Android - especially because we offer the lowest price of the top-tier carriers.


                  So we are going to bite the bullet and start building out 4G LTE as fast as we can in order to get the iPhone 5 later this year. Obviously we won't have much 4G LTE coverage when the iPhone 5 comes out but it will maintain the legacy HSPA+ radio so our customers won't actually see much of a difference during the transition.

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                    Ahhh! Yes!

                    The B***S*** vale has lifted.

                    It makes sense now.

                    Thank you.