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    insufficient memory

      I was updating applications as I've done a number of times before, they download fine but now upon install I get a error window saying insufficient storage available. Doesn't matter which app I'm updating. I looked under storage and have 3.3GB available out of 3.7GB on my SD card where I believe my applications are stored and 9.46GB avaialble out of 9.75GB on my phone.  I tried a restart to no avail.  Any ideas?

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          They're only stored on your SD card IF you moved them from the phone to SD card after installing.

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            I did recently and only because I got a message saying device memory was getting low and asked if I wanted to move them to the SD card.  But it certainly doesn't appear device memory is low.

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              There's only a certain partition set aside for apps.  That can be used up and still be showing massive amounts of space for the total amount.  I'm surprised you've used up the partition.  I've never heard of someone using up the space on the phone meant for apps.

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                Something is wrong then, I have about 20 apps (normal ones downloaded form the market) and some links. 

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                  Hello there.


                  Sounds like there's 2 possibilities here. Either your internal memory partition has become full, or your device is having an error reading its internal memory.


                  Sounds like you're pretty familiar with the device and have checked many of the basics already.


                  I'd recommend a master reset here. It will re align things if your device is not measuring available space correctly, and it will refresh every aspect of the software.


                  Definitely review this document first, to make sure all your important stuff is safe and backed up prior to a reset.


                  This information will help you back up your SD card to a PC. Although its not necessary to backup/reformat/restore your SD card, it may not hurt, since it is involved in the memory issue you're having.


                  Once you're ready to reset the device, these instructions will walk you through it.


                  if anyone has any other suggestioins, please feel free to chime in.


                  Either way, I wish you luck and hope one way or the other your problem gets cleared up.

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                    Thanks Chris,


                    I stopped into a t-mobile store and they thought it was the partition, I'm not sure how to access that.  I had a fair amount of texts stacked up though not the most I've ever had but I deleated them and deleted all voicemails.  They said that seemed to do the trick. Later the same day I got the same memory warning.  I now can't open a text and get the notification that "Storage almost full.  Please make at least 512kb free space to receive messages."  Currently my internal storage available space is 1.4MB, phone storage is 9.46GB and SD card is 3.2GB available.  Do you think it's not correctly reading its own memory?

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                      Just got two more notices - went to open an email I just received and was told "Storage full.  You don't have enough free space remaining in your phone storage. Please delete some content or applications to make at least 1024kb free space"  Then "Sorry - the application Google Services Framework has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."  My only option was to force close.  Is this at all related to memory issues?

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                        Seems something's filling up memory fast, from your last two posts.


                        What apps have you installed? I'd uninstall all those apps you've installed, following these steps:




                        Manage applications.

                        Downloaded apps. Check the bottom, record what it says for "Used" and "free."

                        Click each. For each, click "Clear Data," then "Uninstall."

                        Check now how much internal storage is reportedly being used. Should be much more.

                        Click On SD Card. Most apps should not be checked here. How much is used, how much is free? Record this.

                        Check "Running." Record how much RAM is used, and how much is free.

                        Back out to your home screen.

                        Hold down power button, and select restart.

                        After phone's restarted, go back into Manage Applications ... how much is used, how much is free?


                        Tell us what the used, free values are after the restart.....

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                          Hi rtuntland


                          It does sound like something's not right with how its measuring its memory. Chromejob has posted some excellent suggestions too. If you can't find where your memory's getting used up with that info, it may be best in the long run just to prepare and then reset.


                          Please keep us updated either way, hope this information may help others with similar issues also.

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                            Unfortunately I'd done a factory reset prior to reading Chromejob's post but for what it's worth, the reset seems to have worked.  Reloaded about 90% of the aps and was able to eliminate a lot of duplicated contacts so there may have been some memory issues but I'm more convinced the device was misreading its own memory.  For what it's worth, here's my post factory reset totals:


                            Downloaded - 330mb used, 2.1gb free

                            SD Card - 12mb used, 9.7gb free

                            Running - 293mb used, 443mb free


                            Prior to the reset I do recall most of the ram being used.

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                              Hello again,


                              Thank you very much for following up, glad to hear your problem has been cleared up:) Please post back here if there's any related issues.

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                                For those that may run accross this thread, like me, HTC posted an application on the market for this. Search for Amaze memory clear