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    Performance and cost is all I care about; Tmobile sure isnt perfect, but its the best for the money. NUMBERS DONT LIE

      Samsung Galaxy S2- Right outside of Chicago






      Trust me I get frustrated with Tmobile, but at the end of the day the price and performance is second to none. Now before everyone thinks I work for TMobile let me say since the merger announcment there customer service has been hot garbage.  So for all those people talking about how theyre leaving Tmobile thats fine, it looks like 600,000 more postpaid customers left this past quarter. What is dumb  is when people compare Tmobile with Verizon or At&t when the cost is not even similiar. If you like the Iphone then obviously thats understandable, but the reason Tmo doesnt have it is cause of cost, and this may cost them in the end. Everyone has a right to complain, but just dont forget if they had prices like Verizon we would really be complaining. My Ex has a Thunderbolt on LTE and my S2 always beat her's on download, she destroyed me on upload, but who really uploads anything thats not going to dropbox.More importantly her family plan on Verizon(4 lines only 1 a smartphone) was $350 a month. On our plan we have 2 S2's and 2'sensations and our bill is around $195-$200 a month with unlimited talk, text, and 5gb of data on each line. Ive been with TMO 12 years and they do get on my nerves, but when I talk to friends and see how much they pay elsewhere I know Tmo is still the best for the MONEY. So there's nothing wrong with being frustrated or getting upset, trust me I cant stand Carly or whoever theyre ridiculous spokesman is, but when you compare carriers please take into account the cost difference.


      Oh and Vegas just released the odds on what will happen first; Galaxy S3 realease or ISC Update for Tmo S2! All I can say is dont hold your breath and lets all hope the Galaxy S3 isnt the first Tmobile LTE phone slated for a December release, delayed till Feburary with a promised timely Jelly Bean update two weeks before Samsung releases the S4!