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    Data/application instability

      I purchased the Radar 4G in early January, and have been using it in an area with good 4G reception as well as plenty of wifi connections. However, I've noticed that the phone often seems unstable, and I seem to be rebooting it to "fix" problems at least 2-3 times per day. Most of these issues happen once or twice a day:


      • "People" hub stops updating with new stories from Facebook and Twitter
      • Internet Explorer times out trying to visit any webpage, despite active 4G (usually 3-4 bars), and switching to wifi doesn't solve problem
      • Wifi has very poor signal strength compared to other devices (MacBook, iPad, other phones) in the same place
      • New emails fail to download when I click "refresh" (both accounts are Google-based)
      • When using internet sharing, pages either:
        • Load excruciatingly slow, despite 3-4 bars of 4G signal
        • Time out
        • "Bad Gateway" error
      • No notification of new voicemail
      • When calling out, after dialing, doesn't "ring", just sits with no sound
        • It sometimes takes a couple extra tries to complete a call
      • Apps sometimes take forever to load, or crash on opening and need multiple tries to open


      Whenever something like this happens, it can usually be fixed by a reboot of the phone, but having to constantly reboot the phone is incredibly annoying (especially when it's happening on a nearly daily basis). I picked the Radar over a new Android device because I had heard that WP7 tends to be more stable and reliable (I did tend to root/reflash new ROMs on my Android devices, I'm not blaming Android or TMo for instability there). Unfortunately, after a few months of use, my Radar is seemingly more unstable than my constantly-abused Android device. Is there anything I can do to improve the stability of this device? I'd hate to be locked in to another year and a half with a device that's so unstable - if I had known about this kind of issue beforehand (as well as the lack of developer support), I would have just picked up a new Android device instead.


      On a semi-related note, has anyone found ways to boost cell reception? I've been going to school in Denver, and there's great T-Mobile reception here, but the year is almost up, and my hometown is a TMo black hole (everyone else relies on Wifi Calling, which isn't available for WP7).

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          Hello tkarren.


          Sorry to hear about the troubles. All phones will have some errors, but what you're describing does sound excessive.


          It sounds like you're pretty familiar with the device and have probably checked all the basics, so you may want to try a master reset.


          Definitely ensure all your important saved data is backed up safely prior to the reset so you don't end up losing anything during the reset.


          As for boosting reception, you can help us improve coverage in your area by going here http://www.t-mobile-takeaction.com/


          If anyone else has any other ideas, please feel free to chime in.

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            You might also be suffering from the major data connectivity problems that plague the Radar 4G and a couple of the other Windows Phones. (Apparently, all the models that support Internet Sharing except for Nokia's.)


            Microsoft, HTC, and T-Mobile still haven't acknowledged or addressed this issue, as far as I know... You can read more here in this Microsoft Answers thread.


            As a lousy workaround, you can turn off either the Cellular data or the WiFi radio and then data will work (until both are on and connected again).