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What Happened to T-mobile?

oh poor t-mobile. i knew you well. i have been having more and more service troubles over the years and it seems you guys are more and more helpless.  the tech service couldnt help figure out why i have been having dropped calls every day for 2 weeks, and all the "tips" he gave i already knew.  i understand there was not much he could do, but i never seem to get any information that i could not find on the my account online site myself to help me. i have signal service issues, one rep tell me i need to change my plan, so i did and paid a rediculous $100 plan change fee al because this was to “improve the signal strength to my phone”. that didn’t change anything, and now i no longer get discounts on phone upgrades.  the tmobile store at another location says its because of my phone and tried to push me to buy a new expensive phone because it will work better in my area. are you kidding me?? i call the tech support line, the auto voice says there are service issues in my area, but the agent says there isn't. which one is it? The tech support does a through job, says there are no problems in my area, and with ally he tasks on the phone being resolved, they will send me a replacement one for a fee($5 because it used up my insurance). Lucky me. while confirming this, he tries to convince me to upgrade to a 10Gb data plan w/hotspot to “help improve the data speed and signal strength of my phone”.  This sounds familiar to me. Why am i getting treated like this when i been with them for over 4 years? i liked them in the beginning, very helpful, now they just use scripts, don’t fix anything and try to constantly upsell a broken product. come on! very disappointed t-mobile.  These were the reasons i left cingular/at&t.

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    Hi desmondlmt,

         I really hate to hear you have had these issues with our services. When it comes to dropped calls, it is usually the network (SIM, or towers) or the device. The fee that you were charged for the replacement is standard for customers that have insurance and need a warranty replacement. The only way changing you data plan has an effect on your data speed, us if you have gone over your allotted usage for the month. Please let is know if replacing the phone did not correct you issue, so that we can further assist you.

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    Well, it Been a while, and surprise, nothing has changed. Cept the new phone,(fee)

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    Unfortunately, I just don't think T-Mobile has had the capital to expand their network to match increasing traffic. I too (and my wife) have noticed poorer and poorer service over the last year or so. Having full bars but a dismal data connection, weak cell signal preventing outgoing calls, slower and slower data (even when getting 4G), and other things are all symtomatic of an overstressed network.

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    @tmo_alicia_b, i gave it some time, and nothing has changed. my phone still drops calls frequently, now the randomly restars it self and apps force close without warning.  This is the "NEW" replacement phone and the brand new SIM i was told i need after i need to also upgrade to 5mb data plan.  Not sure how any of this has helped since, well it hasnt.  Something needs to be done soon im so tired of hearing about the 4G in my area(clermont, fl) and yet i never have access to it.  Very frustrated long term customer.

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    Were you able to get anywhere with tmobile? I also live in clermont and enjoy my less than dial up speeds 4G. (i say that very sarcasticly)