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        yes, improvements to the FFC was one of the enhancements.


        also, a factory reset after any OS update is always a good idea. 

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          gandecab wrote:


          yes, improvements to the FFC was one of the enhancements.


          also, a factory reset after any OS update is always a good idea.


          The only thing is that from the posts that I've seen, a factory reset was not solving the problem.  Only a hard reset is what seems to be working.

          • 77. Re: G2X Software Update

            Hi tmo_tim I noticed up in the status bar a large triangle with an exclamation point in the center. And when I pulled it down to view the details, it mentioned "invalid software package." The phone was never tampered with, and even on the original gingerbread update, the one pulled because phones were having issues updating via ota, my phone froze at downloading at 79% for the whole day. So I called support and was told pulling the battery is fine and just to factory reset and use the lg tool. Now my question/request is how can I update the phone? I went back into settings and tried the "check for update, during the time it was sending data to check the servers, the phone reboot and now all it comes back with is that it's the current version. And it's not, 2.3.3 & july base band. Please please please, help me with this, it's irritating to have known that today I would of received the update but now I'm going through more trouble again and due to the nature of my work I rely on navigation, alarms (which don't go off if the phone becomes unresponsive), and my work emails, which the account always randomly deletes off the phone. Thank you for your help and I'll be glad to answer any questions you or your team may have.

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              I got that same error this morning too.  I had rooted, but am now unrooted.


              which sw version are you running - V21e or V10f?


              Devices on V10f will be required to update to V21e (via LG Mobile Support tool) in order to receive the FOTA push to V21y.



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                Not sure if anyone else notice this but what's up with the burgendy bar at the bottom of the home screen.. They should have leave it clear looks odd.

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                  V21e build is gri40, never rooted, wanted to but didn't in hopes of receiving an ota for 4.x.x, but this update is needed too.

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                    need help. I've been patiently waiting for this update since I've been having issues with my phone. I've been manually checking to see if the update was available for download OTA and it finally was for me this morning. The file downloads up to 100% and then nothing. For 20 minutes after the file download nothing is happening so I restart the phone. Now, when I go back to manually check for the update again, it says I'm on the most up to the date version( Which I am not, still on 2.3.3) Did I ***** myself by restarting the phone? Why cant I redownload the update? Ughhh.

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                      You should get the LG software tool and do the update from there. If you don't have it already here is the link its for windows os only.




                      install and then search for the update there.

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                        Thanks, I've tried that as well and tells me I am on the most current version.

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                          Try doing a factory reset if that don't work do a hard reset on the phone and then try again...


                          You can google how to hard reset g2x.


                          Hard reset for me I turn the phone off and then hold the power and volume down key. Release after the LG logo disappear.

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                            What is the difference between a hard reset and a factory reset?

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                              Not sure what's the difference is but i had some problem with the battery draining too fast and i did a factory reset and was still having the same issue...


                              I did a hard reset and that work...


                              My guess is factory reset just reset you phone and erase all data and settings.. but Hard reset flashes you phone again... But that's my guess... hope this will help..

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                                Either one does nothin. Sure is taking long for even one official rep to comment....

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                                  worst case - you wait until 5/14 and install it yourself with the LG Support Tool

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                                    My guess is they are as clueless as we are..

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