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    LG myTouch Shuts off randomly

      Ok I've been a T-Mobile customer off and on for about 5 years. I've had problems before but this is pretty the worst I've encountered thus far. I bought two LG myTouch and and a LG myTouch Q on 3/16. My phone (myTouch) on the very first day started having problems. I had set my alarm (because I have medications to take) and after I noticed that it has passed time for my medication I went to pick up the phone. The phone was on off. I thought maybe I must have pressed it but I turned it back on and put it on charger. Four hours later, I wondered why nobody has called me all day, picked up the phone and again it was on off. Nothing was near the phone or pressed up against but it was on off and fully charged. Two nights later same thing. The phone is sitting on the nightstand by itself. I awoke to find my alarm didn't wake me (I have since bought an actual alarm clock althought my old phone worked great) and picked up the phone, once again its off. I don't know what to do. This has since been replaced twice and both myTouch phones are doing the exact same thing. also since this has started its been saying now No Sim but then it takes about 10 minutes for the Sim is recognized. As I'm typing, I'm on hold with T-Mobile to get another phone, which will make my 3rd and my sisters 2nd. What else can I do?? There is no updating needed. Brand new phones/ brand new battery. Are we the only ones experiencing this problem?? Also today makes my 30th day with T-Mobile. What are my options regarding can I file something to get a different phone?/

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          I'm sorry this just doesn't sound right at all.


          Have you tried putting your phone down and watching it to see when/if it is actually powering down? If an app is doing it it should go through the regular powering down animation - if it is literally on one second then off the next second - like if it's battery was pulled - then that's different.


          Are you confusing the standby state with powered off? Pressing the power button with a short press will turn off / turn on the display. The phone [depending on the settings] will automatically turn the display off after a certain amount of time has passed after the phone was last used. When you put your phone down then come back to it after some time, the display will be off. None of the capacitive buttons will work and the screen will not register a touch. It's off. Just short press the power button again to wake it up.

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            I am having the same exact issue.  The phone is barely 3 months old @ the most.  It has shut off twice and now we can't get it to come on at all.  Did you get your issue resolved or are they making you pay a $20 exchange fee?  I to want to know if anyone else is having this issue and if it is a mfg defect. 

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              I also think its some sort of defect. This is about to be my 3rd phone. My sisters 2nd. So I definitely think they need to look into it.

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                @manik... this all started happening as soon as I got the phone. Before I even installed any apps into the phone. I gave myself 4 days and on the 4th day I returned the phone and got another myTouch. and that phone started doing the same thing. As far as standby vs powered off. I know the difference. The phone always turns completely off.

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                  try doing a master reset on the phone.


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                    Hello Ladiirn and Shanmy2.


                    Sorry you guys are struggling with this. Sniper's suggestion is good, but as always make sure you've reviewed this to make sure you don't lose anything important during the reset.


                    Were you both able to get into fully working MyTouch devices after all?

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                      I am having MAJOR problems with my own! I bought my FIRST MyTouch on 3/16 and that same day (before I added any apps) I was having problems with the text messaging app that comes with the phone! The phone would shut off on its own while I was on the phone, sending texts or whenever. I wouldn't receive calls or text messages. (I'm in college and I'm the yearbook editor so I'm constantly sending messages and making calls) I did a master resest on the phone and restored to factory settings just in case I did something wrong. That did not help me at all. I went back to the store to see if they could do anything. They gave me my FIRST new sim card. The phone worked for a day or two without restarting and freezing. The problems started all over again. I returned back to the store. I got my SECOND MyTouch on 3/26. It worked for a few days and then the problems started all over again. After this I called T-Mobile technical support to see if there was something they could do that I had not done. They couldn't fix it, so I returned to the store again. They gave me my SECOND new sim card! Once again it worked for the first two days and the problems started again. I called technical support again and they made me put my sim card into another phone and see if I was having problems, I wasn't so they arranged for me to get my THIRD MyTouch without having to pay any fees and I received it on 3/31. I'm still having problems and I want a new phone and I shouldn't have to pay for anything because I'm having so much drama with this phone!

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                        Hi tmo_chris     No I haven't. They are sending me another phone out tomorrow. This will be my last exchange. I had asked them what's the next step because I'm not doing another exchange, and he completely ignored my question and stated that hopefully we wouldn't have that problem. Well I'm praying we don't. After 3 phone exchanges and a sim exchange, I highly doubt that this will get fixed. If not, I'm going to try to see maybe if they gave me a different phone or I will be getting out of my contract. I can't use the contract without a working phone. I also thought about going to LG directly and see if maybe they could fix it or atleast I don't know. Maybe they would send me a phone . Who knows. I've tried everything. If anybody else can come up with some type of solution, please respond.

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                          Hi dverrett, have you found a solution to this problem.?? Or did you have to do another exchange?? Please keep us updated.

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                            Hi Ladiirn,


                            Please keep us updated when you get the replacement. Yes I hope you don't have any trouble either, but let us know and we'll do whatever we can for you in that event.


                            Hi dverrett, sorry to hear you're having trouble too. Were you able to speak with tech about your phone? That sounds like there may be a bad app on your phone... when you reset it, which apps did you put back on?

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                              mine wont even stay on long enough for me to do a master reset!  What do I do with it now?  I feel like I need to throw it because I'm so frusterated with it!  Can I go to a local t-mobile store and have them fix the problem for me or do I have to pay an arm and a leg to get it fixed?

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                                I've only had mine since the middle of March!  HELP!!!  I WANT MY PHONE BACK!  I liked it all the way up to this point!

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                                  yep, same problem. Dropped mine a small amount and it wont turn back on at all. Been having some issues with it randomly turning off.

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                                    Yes same with mine moment got it internet shuts of screen freezes constantly after two refurbished ones sent they tell me k.own issues I would of returned **** thing if they told me this from start very angry now stuck with it now im losing T-Mobile network constantly did ticket found no issues got new similar card helped little but still wont stay on network now sending.g anther LG mytiu h q im. Really sick with tjem anther phone i feel they should be sending meslide

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