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How to fix iMessage/Facetime for Gevey users on iPhone 4/4S

What you'll need:

-iOS 5+
-Jailbroken iphone
-SAM or ATT SIM (SAM IS NOT NEEDED TO ACTIVATE iMessage/FaceTime, ONLY use it to Activate iphone via iTunes)

1.Either activate your phone with SAM or ATT SIM (This must be done 1st before proceeding!)

2. Install iFile and Tetherme if you have not

3.Go to (CarrierLab.bundle or 00101 folder) /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/00101/carrier.plist

-back up the file carrier.plist (just in case)

Open up the file in property list viewer

Find: PhoneNumberRegistrationGatewayAddress and set it to: +011447786205094

Find: RedialOnRRCConnectionFailure and change it to on

4.Now go to /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Unknown.bundles/carrier.plist

Change all the 10 numbers you see under:

< key >PhoneNumberRegistrationGatewayAddress< /key > to +011447786205094


If you are on iPhone 4 you are done and reboot

If you have an iPhone 4S there are extra steps needed

5. Copy the contents of Carrier Lab file /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/00101/carrier.plist

6. Paste the contents in the carrier bundle the phone is locked to

7. Reboot and enjoy!

You might have to toggle iMessage/FaceTime off then on, and leave it on then it will finally activate.

Your phone will freeze if you have bitesms when iMessage activates so reboot if this occurs by holding the home and power button untill the apple logo pops up


Remember every time you activate iMessage and or FaceTime it will charge your account additional $0.15 cents every time, because that's how much it cost to send an international text. So keep that in mind. As long as you keep these settings ON and never turn it off, it won't charge you, and it will stay activated. Re-Boots are safe!