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Looking for ways to sync my Exhibit with outlook

I want to be able to sync Notes, Contacts, and Calander.  Syncing via Gmail does not do notes.

To Do list would be nice but not necessary at this time.


The phone claims to have a Kies mode but when I downloaded the link software, it said that the phone did not support it.

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    Hey billfuhrmann!


    I wasn't able to find any instructions on how to sync your device with Microsoft Outlook using the built-in software. Since the Exhibit was built on the Google Android operating system, it was designed from the ground up to sync with Google. If you are trying to use the Kies Mini software, T-Mobile has very limited troubleshooting information available. You'll want to contact Samsung for additional support with that program. You also may be able to download a program from the Play store to assist you with syncing.


    Hope this helps!


    - Ian

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    Aparently Kies for syncing data only exists for a few models (not mine) and it only is useful for updating the phone's software for most of them.  - not very useful.- DUH - if anyone from Samsung reads this, it is a feature that most of your android phones should have.


    I found a list of a few programs that can be purchased that claim to sync directly between Outlook data types and the Phone.  Not sure if this will create a problem with also syncing with Gmail since some of the data doesn't match up.


    I have heard that Evernote is free and will create a cloud version of your notes so that they can be sync'd between the phone and Outlook.  You are supposed to be able to reach the notes via their web site from other computers.  That isn't as good at storeing them in Gmail but it could work.

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    Android-Sync. $20. No fuss, no muss. Great program.

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    I'm able to sync my Exchange email, contacts, and calendar on my Exhibit without any extra software. I set this up almost a year ago, but I think all you have to do is:


    1. Go to Settings and select Accounts and sync.

    2. Select Add account.

    3. Under More accounts you should have Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Select that.

    4. Enter your exchange email address and password and hit Next.

    5. Select Yes for the Activation agreement. Your Exhibit should now try to contact your exchange server.

    6. Next you may see a screen which is looking for additional info such as your domain and username. I'm assuming your Exchange account is used by your company, so enter your corporate domain and username. If you don't know, you may have to contact your company's IT admin.


    I don't recall if you get the option to sync contacts and calendar during setup or not. However, once the account is created on your Exhibit you can go back to the Accounts and sync page, choose that account and you'll have the option to Sync Contacts and Sync Calendar. Unfortunately I don't believe Notes and To Do list are supported.