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Galaxy S2 GT-l9100 - how to use 4G?


i own a galaxy S2 international model (gt-l9100) and i can't use the 4G network (or any other fast network, just EDGE).

this phone is non tmobile. as you can expect, since im posting on this section. just to emphasize that.

I'd like to know if i can set my device to access the fast broadband network, and be happy forever.


Thanks for the attention.

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    Your device supports the following bands

    3G Band900 MHz , 1900 MHz , 2100 MHz
    GSM Band850 MHz , 900 MHz , 1800 MHz , 1900 MHz
    Wireless802.11 a/b/g/n


    T-Mobile bands supported ar GSM1900 (EDGE)

    the only way to obtain 4G speeds is to obtain as T-Mobile  Sonic (Mobile Hotspot) and connect to the Hotspot by WiFi of your phone.


    Otherwise you are limitied to GSM1900 EDGE speeds

    As T-Mobile  starts building out the LTE network they will also enable 3G band 1900....whihc this device supports.

    So it will eventually work as a 4G device with T-Mobile....no time lines of course (no idea, not my area)

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    thanks mr. !


    next time i will wait more to buy the proper phone...