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Disappointed in HTC Radar

I've had my Radar for about a month (which of course means my exchange option has expired). I am so disappointed with it. My husband got a sensation and it is sooo much better than mine. Mine is slow and freezes and won't search for topics half the time and I've given up listening to any kind of music because all it does is buffer. The store says its where we live but he doesn't have any problems. I also do not like the app choices. There practically aren't any! The ones that are there are either extremely expensive or horrible. My husband has tons of free easy to use apps on his android. I want a different phone. Any suggestions? Do I need a replacement? Is anyone else having these problems? Suggestions?

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    Yeah windows phone 7 is a limited operating system and the applIcationsare  as efficient as Android.

    I don't think the phone is defective though. If you are unhappy with it since you are past the 14 days,I would get it unlocked and sell it on Ebay and buy something else with that money.

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    Hey Beverly,


    I am sorry to hear about all the issues you are having with your radar.  The windows OS is different then the Android.  Both have the advantages but in your case there are disadvantages as well. 


    Have you powered off the device then powered back on?  Have you done a reset on the device which clears out your phone?


    What I do like about the Radar is the apps I use on android are on windows.


    I use TuneIn Radio, FB, Twitter and slacker radio.


    Let us know if that helps resolve the issue



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    I got a HTC Radar hoping it would work better than the samsung galaxy s i had. I HATED it... needless to say I went back to the galaxy s (which is still under warranty) and have been working relentlessly to try to get the issues resolved with it rather than having to use the radar... Was NOT impressed at all with a windows phone.

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    yes I am in the same boat as you. I thought it would be a good idea to get this phone since its a windows phone thought it would have great features. I do not like the fact I can not download most apps that android and iphone have. Ppl say i sound muffle when i talk on the phone. i do not see anything amazing about this phone. It doesnt have anything great just regular apps Bing which is not as good as Google in my opinion and that's about it its a very average phone that i am stuck with and not able to download anything great. its like buying a cheap phone without any features. disappointed cant even download mobile security because its not computable with this phone. what the hell is compatible with this phone???? 

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    What apps are you missing out on? I have the HTC One S (Android) and as well as this phone and choose to use the Radar as my daily driver. Maybe we can suggest some alternatives for the apps you're looking for?


    How do you believe a mobile security app will help protect you on a Windows Phone? I believe Microsoft took a look at what they'd done in the past (with Windows CE, etc.) and what competitors are doing (with iOS, Android, etc.) and then decided to take a fully sandboxed, very secure stance to third party apps with Windows Phone and with Metro apps in Windows 8. I'm a software engineer and have developed apps for Android, Windows, and other platforms. I honestly believe that the Windows Phone and Windows 8 Metro APIs are designed with user privacy and security as a top goal, in terms of apps having only limited, prescribed ways of communicating or sharing data with other apps.


    The only apps that get extra, low level capabilities are certain ones from Microsoft and the handset manufacturers like HTC.

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    I can only second the opinion. This is the dumbest smart phone. To do the things I did with non smart phones such as load a custom ring tone, I need to use a PC. Unlike several previous phones, this one does not work with my car properly. When a called number should be ringing, the phone simply drops the call. None of the support channels has helped. The typical "fix" they advise is repeated pairing unpairing and power cycling. Add this to Tmobile very optomistic coverage maps and it is clear HTC and Tmobile and junk.