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    Severe issues with freezing and force closing etc...

      Alright, I just got this phone on the first of this month. And ever since the first day, I can't seem to run a single app without it constantly freezing on me. Some times it freezes when I'm trying to make a phone call (dialing number) or when I'm trying to type and send a text. It just seems to do ALOT of lagging and freezing. Is this how this phone usually is? Or am I doing something wrong? Or is it a faulty phone? I got this one instead of the dart because I figured it seemed better and therefor would work better but so far... I've done alot of shutting the phone down and turning it back on. I mean, I am supposed to be able to run at least SOME aps with ease on this phone otherwise i wouldn't have gotten a smart phone lol. Now don't get me wrong, I like the phone, sometimes, it even works right...sometimes. I just want to know if this is something that can be fixed, or if I should be returning it to the store for another one? or if i should just return it for a refund altogether?


      Right now, my phone's been frozen about ten solid minutes. Most of the time, it won't even let me propperly shut it down, I have to take the battery out and back in. That just seems wrong to me.


      Needless to say, I need help with this.

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          Well @undin, Im going to respond at the risk that as always Im going to be called a lot of names, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.  Ive had the phone since November and despite countless factory resets and 2 manufacturer repairs, my phone still freezes every day - often followed by the phone turning on/off.  Im sorry youre having a similar issue.  What theyll usually tell you is to do a factory reset, use the phone for a few days without any apps and then see if it still freezes - If not, then add an app or two every 3 days and see if you can pinpoint an app that might be causing the problem.  Having said that, Tmobile Support has repeatedly told me that this is a 'known issue with the device...We're working with Samsung on a resolution blah blah blah"  Heres where I will get attacked but I have the documentation - including Tmobiles Twitter Support Account - where they have repeatedly stated that freezing is a problem with this device.  However, if theyre working with Samsung on some kind of update, no one at Samsung knows about it - including their ECR department and their technical repairs.  I hope you can get it fixed or figured out.  All I can tell you is Ive tried 2 separate devices and had 2 repairs and the problems always continue.  I was even told that I shouldnt use any apps so if you want to use the smartphone without the smart part, maybe you can solve your issues.


          You didnt mention what troubleshooting steps youve done so again taking the battery out and restarting it should help (although thats when I sometimes get the power cycling but theres no consistency - sometimes it loads fine; other times it will turn off a few times and other times, you dont even want to know)...Other than that, they will tell you to do a factory reset and start again and use the phone with nothing on it for a few days and see if the problem continues...and then just adds app slowly to try to figure out if an app or something youve downloaded is causing the problem.  Other than that, you can send it in for repair OR see if Tmobile will replace it with a refurbished version.


          Good luck

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            I would give tmobile a call and have them send you another one to replace the one thats acting up. I have been reading alot about this phone as i am about to get one and for the most part from what i have read its a solid phone that user's are happy with. Sounds like you may have gotten a bad unit it happens sometimes

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              Hi undlin,

                   As mentioned above, this is a known issue with this device, and we are working with Samsung to provide a resolution to make your experience with this phone better. As of now, there is not a data as to with the issue will be resolved, but in the mean time we suggest following steps in this document, to decrease the occurrences of freezing and lagging.

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                This is the same response Ive gotten since last November when the handset was first released...nothing was ever done except employees saying "Were sorry youre not satisfied with our resolution" even though there has not been a resolution.  Instead, it just continues to harm the Tmobile brand and drive customers away.  A true resolution would be to provide a comparable handset to customers that doesnt freeze daily.

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                  Like in Poltergeist, HE's back  

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                    its funny that this is known issue back in aug. cause when i call customer care 2 days ago I was told that this phone does not freeze up and I must be breaking new phones, words cant describe how much I detest this phone it was sent to me as a replacement for my vibrant and its horrible it freezes all the time and powers off when ever it pleases, and its nice that T mobile is so willing to help fix this issue I have been thru  3 phones in one week due to this issue with the phone and T mobiles unwillingness to assist in any issue I will probably be discontinuing my service to do horrible customer service and being insulted by customer service and after 2 weeks of trying to resolve a issue i pay for bad service I would not recommend this phone or T mobile to any one

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                      Ok well, its been about ten days since I first posted here and first let me just say, I had already followed all the links in regards to freezing and any other problems I thought even remotely related to what I was having with this phone before alicia's post (thanks for the reply btw). I'm not exactly patient and when a whole day went by without a tmo reply I just sorta looked around for answers and possible solutions on my own. Of course, I could've just as easily called them but I was rather irritated and I'm not exactly the nicest person and I don't like inflicting that on anyone lol.


                      Second, I'm sorry to say that none of the links provided helped the issues with my phone. I did uninstall all of the apps I had installed (there weren't many). I rebooted the phone repeadedly and it still froze, even when i wasn't using any apps, not even the ones preinstalled. So after more rebooting I started to slowly install the apps again. Sometimes the phone froze, sometimes an app would force close, in all fairness, I think in those cases, it was the app's error and not the phone's. Some apps are just faulty that way, its not always the phone.


                      Anyways, the phone started working better after about a couple of days of not constantly using apps. This kinda annoyed me still because I payed for an android phone...so that i CAN use apps. I'm not sure what happened or what I did but the phone does work alot better than when i first got it. It does not freeze nearly as often. It used to freeze about 20 times a day and I'd have to remove the battery to shut it down about 15 of those times lol.


                      It's improved quite a bit since then, and I have more apps than I used to at the beginning. It still freezes sometimes and I can't in all honesty tell if its the app or the phone. And I hardly ever have to remove the battery as an only choice to reboot. So its working alot better but... it still has issues I would not expect a phone of this price range to have. I mean, I specifically avoided getting the Dart and the optimus in favor of this one that claimed to be far better. It's the first time that I got for the higher priced optiion in expectation of a better quality phone. And I'm sorry but I was horridly dissapointed. And I am not by any means a picky person, I'm really quite tolerant but the problems I had to go through with this phone from day one well... that was just too much.


                      Another issue I had was when I bought this phone, I did do alot of research on it, one of the things was to verify that it worked in my area, I live in a VERY small town right at the coast and cell phone signal is not one of its fortes lol. I did buy this phone from walmart and their website area check veryfied that it would in fact work in my area.I found out that first day of curse, that it did NOT. The only way this phone works at home, is through my wifi. If i leave home to go two blocks down the street to the store... it does not work. It works here in my house and that's it. Now, in all fairness, I think this is more walmart's fault because it was their site that told me it would work. This however isn't a big issue since i do have wifi and i spend most time at home and when i'm not home i'm up in town (not home town area) and it works better there since its a bigger town and do have coverage there. So this was an issure that was easy for me to overlook. I unfortunately though, will not be able to buy my son's phone trough tmo since he does go around our home town area quite a  bit and he would have no coverage at all once he leaves the house lol. It's unfortunate because in all honesty I do like tmo and wanted to get my son's phone through them as well.


                      Overall, I have seriously considered returning the phone but unfortunately the $50 I spent on my monthly plan are not refundable and the only other tmo smart phone they have at the store is the dart and its also a samsung phone and well... this is the third samsung phone i've owned and well... i dont like samsung, I do understand that the issues with this phone is on samsung's end and not tmo. I have decided to keep the phone for now though, but I'm not 100% convinced and honestly, I think that returning it for another one of the same kind wouldn't really fix anything.


                      I did remember though that quite a few people complained about phone volume issues and I found that I have the same issue, oddly enough I've made very few phone calls since i bought this phone. But I realized something today while I was trying to call my son's doctor and had to hang up several times because the volume was EXTREMELY low and it would NOT go up when i pressed the up volume button! I noticed that it was as low as I had my app volume or what this phone calls "media volume" that's what its called when you're using an app. Now I don't know about you but generally speaking I dont want my game apps to be at full blast, so Iower the volume almost all the way down.


                      So I tested this and there is a HUGE design flaw with this phone's volume! The phone will not let me put the volume up or down during a call. It just wont, i tried. It won't do it. I have to open an app to either lower or raise the volume then exit and THEN i can use the phone and get the desired volume. If anyone knows of a way to fix this, please let me know, I think it's ridiculous that I cannot control the volume from my call screen and the only way to fix it is to open an app just so that i can make a phone call and hear the person on the other side of the line!!!


                      Anyways, that said I thought I should mention it here for those that have been having volume issues when calling. Is it just THIS phone in particular? Because if that's the case then I totally will take it in for an exchange. And if its a phone's design fault...can it be fixed and how?


                      The phone's got alot of potential...if it could just fix a few glitches. As for the service, i don't have any complaint there really, other than there's no coverage in my home town lol, I'm so glad i have wifi lol. But overal its a good plan $50 for unlimited everything is extremely fair. I switched to tmo from another provider because they wanted me to pay extra to buy an additional data package just because i was getting a smart phone, so I said no way and switched to tmo. I just wish this phone wasnt so disfunctional lol.


                      Anyways, I've made this post too long lol, if anyone can tell me how to fix this volume issue that'd be great.

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                        Just a few things. I have a stock non-rooted Exhibit 4 2G and have about 70 apps of all kinds on it. I typically run a couple of apps at once, music player and a GPS called, Waze, Sports Tracker and music or Tune radio and a couple of others. For the most part, the phone works very well with all this stuff running. What you are descrbing doesn't sound normal, and If this was hapenning to me I would demand a new phone from T-mobile or wherever you bought the phone. My first smart phone was a Samsung Gravity Smart and it was a problem right from the beginning. I brought it back to T mobile after a week and demanded a new phone ( they stuck me with a $50 restocking fee which ticked me off, but it was better than suffering with a piece of junk for 2 years), The Exhibit was a giant step forward from the Gravity Smart. By the way, I can easily adjust the volume of the phone while I am on a call, so there is something wrong with your phone, right there. 


                        If you wait too long, you might be stuck with this phone.

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                          @HelenofSparta, Sorry youre having all these problems...I had them since November when the phone was released - went through 2 repairs and 2 devices and they all froze at least once daily - not to mention other problems and dealing with some of the most incompetent tech support people Ive ever seen.  (If you have Prepaid, youve probably been graced with the outsourced personnel)  Alicia says Tmobile is working to fix the problem but theres no evidence of that.  There hasnt been a single software update since the phone was released six months ago.  No matter who you talk to, eventually you get the same response "Im sorry I couldnt help you...Theres nothing I can do ...." 


                          Some say its Samsungs fault, but its a phone with a Tmobile logo on it and one would assume its built to Tmobile's specifications and Tmobile would test it before putting it on the market. As one employee told me off the record, theyve purchased the inventory and now they have to sell them.  They continue selling them despite knowing it has a long list of so-called known issues and the only thing that will get them to change is bad publicity (contact a consumer reporter or some Android bloggers or Tmonews) or legal action (contact your state department of consumer affairs or your state attorney generals office if you feel there has been some contract violation)


                          Captainbob is lucky his phone doesnt have that problem but that doesnt mean everyone else is imagining it or that Alicia and ^CG and ^MG and Ian and Eric and all the other Tmobilers who have said this is a reported, known issue with the device are making it up either.  Ive been repeatedly attacked but if you all had read my posts, you might not have made the mistake of buying this handset.  It obviously is occuring to a lot  of customers for it to be reported as a 'known device issue' and you can say you would "demand" Tmobile replace your phone but they say NO, THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO...So your choice is to find a new phone and a different carrier.  Ironic, that CEO Humm is introducing a new ad campaign today.  You can throw money at Carly but if you dont fix the root causes- the poor customer service and the device/network issues (yes, people should not have to switch their phone to 2G to send a simple SMS message), the churn rate is going to continue to increase.


                          Seems one answer is switch carriers and get an iPhone so at least youll have a phone from a manufacturer that cares and will stand behind it.  I got a Mac last summer and at first had issues.  Spoke to the local store manager and he apologized and promised to make things right.  He replaced my computer and assigned an employee to personally transfer all my files.  He then also refunded a portion of my purchase price, gave me a free external hard drive and a free 2 year extended warranty - all told over $500 of credit to make up for my inconvenience and to re-earn my trust in Apple and show me that the company values its customers.  I dont expect Tmobile to do all that but they should at least fix the issues or give customers the option of a comparable alternative working phone.  The most theyll do - if youre lucky - is maybe send you a refurbished model and thats likely to have the same problems.  Samsung even told me they replaced the motherboard and within days, the problems reoccurred.  The truth is that this is a phone marketed towards Prepaid customers and Tmobile doesnt really care about you all that much.  If this were happening to the Galaxy SII, youd see a lot more press on it.  Look at how quickly Nokia jumped in with its Lumia problems


                          I again encourage you all to go to Tmonews.com and write the editor.  If he sees a lot of people complaining about this issue, maybe he will investigate.  As for tech support or customer service, its Russian Roulette.  You will hear all sorts of stories  from them - many blaming your actions for whats happening to your phone - but if you try those troubleshooting steps and the problems recur, rest assured - youre not going crazy...its your crappy phone.


                          Now, cue the haters.  (And btw, I did complain about the phone within 72 hours of activation, spoke to ECR and by email to the Head of Prepaid...and it was evidence of how bad customer service has gotten at Tmobile...and I can say that because I was a postpaid customer for many years)