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Premium Handset Protection text message

Three times in three days I've been reminded about "free access to Mobile Security" from T-Mobile via text message (1234)


Knock it off!

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    I have a Nokia Lumia and have has the same problem for a month and a half now!  Did you ever get it to stop?  I have contacted TMobile over 10 times now and haven't gotten anybody who can figure it out. We get at least one text a day asking us to sign up on three different phones. The kicker is that I am already signed up for it!

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    Log in to your account at my.t-mobile.com and look for the Profile: Change Communication Preferences setting. You can deselect the option to be notified by mobile, e-mail, etc. There were complaints about this a month  or two ago about "notifications" that were ads sent by the My Account app.


    Small consolation for the annoyance, but these messages shouldn't count against your message plan allowance.


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