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    TMobile 4g Speeds in Houston

      Finally decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy SII but not overly impressed with the speeds.


      I usually only have 1 or 2 bars inside my home and sometimes it even drops to EDGE.  I am averaging a pathetic 3376 down and between 700-1000 up.  Pings are really high.


      At work I get all 4 bars and usually get between 8000 - 12000 down with pings in the 70's. 


      What gives? What is typical of 4G speeds?


      Can anyone share their experiences with TMobile's data speeds around the Houston area.  The phone got glaring reviews which is the reason I purchased it but a day after purchasing it, not impressed at all with the speed I'm getting.


      Your help would be appreciated.

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          The Galaxy S II is an excellent smartphone. However T-Mobile's network is not without it's issues. I have seen perodically that Texas in general is not a great T-Mobile coverage area.  All I can do is recommend that you use Wi-Fi at home (if that's an option) and contacting Customer Care and putting in a trouble ticket for bad reception in your area.

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            There are some very uneven results around the city. The fact that your office performance is pretty good suggests it's a coverage issue,  not the phone.


            Unless you are downloading pretty big files, a base performance of 3mbps should comfortably handle pretty much anything you want to do,  surely?

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              Correct, 3Mbps is fine I was just curious.  At first I thought it might be the phone but since I get a great signal at work it leads me to believe I'm not. 


              But let me ask you this, can you or anyone for that matter give me a baseline for what I should be getting for 4G?


              I guess I'm spoiled because a co worker who has Verizon is always showing me his 33Mbps connection which is more than my home internet.  I know two different companies and ths HSPA+ is more like 3G Lite but still.


              Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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                Both are considered 4G but comparing them would be more like comparing DSL to Cable.  HSPA+ being DSL in this analogy.




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                  I bet your friend doesn't get that performance all over the city either.


                  There are many factors that determine an individual usage experience: the modem on the phone, the distance from a tower,  other usage in the area,  the health of the tower equipment, the version of the hardware deployed,  the size of the backhaul from the tower to the main fiber circuit.  Not to mention the performance of many routers in the network and the servers with which you are communicating. 


                  In the end, the day-to-day and  hour-to-hour experience may vary considerably. A phone with an HSPA+ 42 modem talking with a tower upgraded to the same level could deliver up to 20mbps peak bursts and routinely around 7-8mbps, but then you start factoring in all the other elements and those numbers start to drop.


                  Back when there were very few high bandwidth modems in phones, my Vibrant,  which has an HSPA 7.2 modem (not even classed as 4G) was routinely able to get 5-6mbps downloads in upgraded areas. Now there are 11 million smartphones on TM's network and getting better than 3mbps is hard to come by in the same areas.


                  Like I said, unless you are downloading huge files,  anything upwards of 3mbps shouldn't cause any problem.

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                    Like animal said Tmobile in Texas for the most part sucks.  I live in Dallas and get even worse coverage.  The guy at the shop where I bought my phone said the area wasn't real great.  Now if that isn't bad what else should I expect out of them??  And Phil, yes AT&T and Verizon folks may not get those speeds everywhere, but they ALWAYS beat Tmobile, b/c Tmobile blows. I would move, but I just got into the contract and even if I left the 989 won't work on other networks I'm sure.  There is a reason why AT&T and Verizon charge more.  You get what you pay for.  In this case ~$30 less a month nets you almost no service sometimes.  Get used to it b/c Tmo doesn't seem in a hurry to treat their TX base well.

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                      I doubt that they will ALWAYS beat TM,  but I get the point you are making.


                      Nevertheless, everyone has their own experience and sometimes their own experiences can vary wildly. For example, I just ran a series of tests in my office with a device (Vibrant) that can't even access what TM define as 4G speeds. l got a whole bunch of results in the range 2 to 4.2mbps with results steadily improving. I took a short walk to the kitchen and the results jumped to consistently over 5mbps, with a peak transfer at 6.3mbps which is the fastest download I have EVER achieved on this device and right at the maximum practical capability of this 7.2 modem!


                      The variability is mostly congestion related,  with a dash of structural interference thrown in.

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                        The speeds among the major carriers vary by location. My Galaxy Nexus is twice as fast on T-Mobile as it is on AT&T in Maryland.