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    Bluetooth and battery life

      I realize that this phone isn't the best in the world for battery life.  I also realize that there are a lot of things that contribute to battery draining, and after having had this phone for a while, I have it pretty well fine-tuned.  My battery generally goes 24-hours on a charge.


      I just got a blue-tooth earpiece, and I set it up this morning.  I have two phones - one is the MyTouch 4G slide, and one is an "old-fashioned" flip-phone (it's the one I have to use for work).  I paired them both this morning, at the same time, and turned on the Bluetooth.  Both had a full battery charge.  I was actually talking on the work phone (the flip-phone) for a good two hours, and it still had 3 of 4 battery bars left.  I went to use my Slide for Maps, and was blown away to find that it had SIX PERCENT battery left.  Also, the phone was burning hot.


      OK, so what's the point of having a phone with bluetooth capability, if you can't leave it on?  I mean, the point of bluetooth is, (well, one of the points) that I can leave the phone in my pocket, or my purse, and I don't have to go fishing around and miss the call because I can't get to the phone in time.  That I can leave the earpiece in, and just answer the calls as they come.


      I understand that bluetooth will "drain the battery more quickly," but my "old-fashioned" flip-phone, after TWO HOURS of talking ON the bluetooth still had 3/4 of a charge.  The Slide was drained down to nothing after two hours of just sitting there.  (And, BTW, I leave GPS on all the time and I still get a good 24 hours on the charge, as long as I'm not actually *running* a navigation.  If I leave Wi-Fi on, I get 8 - 10 hours of charge.  This morning, GPS was on, and Wi-Fi off.)


      So...is there a setting I'm not setting correctly?  Is there a way to tell it to put the bluetooth in some sort of standby, until either the headset calls one the phone, or a phone call comes in?  'Cuz this just, plain, isn't OK.

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          The bluetooth device is connected to both phones at the same time?  I have my bluetooth on always, it connects to sync in my car and it will hold its charge for hours and hours of drivinf around, paired to the device.  Granted I'm not getting a ton of calls or anything, but its not just sucking battery being paired.  Did you turn discovery back off once you paired? 


          I think when you press the bluetooth to answer/make a call on the flipphone you are waking the slide and its trying to handle the bluetooth, therefor the slide wasn't doing nothing for the two hours it was awake.  But I'm not 100% on that, I am 100% that having a paired device doesn't drain a full battery in 2hrs, drove around for 5 hours today, paired and connected to sync the whole time.

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            i too somtimes forget to turn off my BT and it's not paired cause i walked out of range, and my battery has not suffered that much. Especially when you phone was "buring hot", something else must have been draining your battery, and ur phone must have been working triple time to lose that much life and be that hot.

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              OK, so two people plus me agree that the phone shouldn't be burning hot and losing battery 100% in two hours, just because an earpiece is connected.  :-)


              So, what's going on here, then? 


              To answer gusgus, yes, I had both phones connected to bluetooth at the same time.  It *should* work just fine.  That's how I had it set up with my old phones.  (I lost my old phones and bluetooth earpiece about six months ago with a car break-in.  I replaced the phones, but just now got around to replacing the earpiece.  The old phones were a flip-phone and a blackberry type.)  I could have both phones connected to the earpiece at the same time, and whichever one rang, I'd answer it in my ear.  I have to dial manually, no speech-dial, but whichever one I dialed, the call would be in my ear.  The phones got along just fine.  :-)  (And the batteries were just fine!)  These two new phones seemed to be getting along just fine, as far as that sort of thing went.  I placed and received calls on both this morning, as tests, with them sitting right next to each other.  Neither one "lit up" when the other one was called, or called from.


              To ssgokou29 - I agree, the phone must not only have been working triple-time to get that hot, but it must have been on Holiday Pay, too!  The only thing I changed, though, is the blue-tooth. 


              OK, so working hypothesis - the battery life *should* be reasonable (a "working day") with a paired and active bluetooth earpiece.  So, this probably has something to do with having two phones paired and active on the same earpiece.  Which leads to the next question:


              Has anybody else done this on THIS PHONE?  If so, have you had this sort of battery problem?  (Because I KNOW it can work on OTHER phones, ugh.) 

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                Actually if you've had the two phones and one earpiece working before Id say that probably isn't the issue.  I know very little about bluetooth except that mine is always on, and my phone is always paired to the sync I have in both my fords, and the battery has never been effected adversley.  Perhaps something else is the problem entirely.  April 9th the update begins again, it dramtically fixes some battery issues.  I was lucky to get the early version of the patch in december before they suspended the update and so maybe my long life with bluetooth paired and connected is working thanks to the patch, I only had the phone a week before the patch, and battery life that week sucked, no matter what I did or didn't do.

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                  I have to agree, it sounds like some other app or proccess got stuck and was burning alot of cpu time. 


                  The OP's experience is not the same as my own,   having bt on, gives me about a 5-10% hit in over all battery life in a day.  not a huge ammount.

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                    I would like to chime in as well just to say these guys are right on point I myself have an Amaze and I pair my JawBone to my phone, work laptop, as well as my car and my playstation (so at any given moment the bluetooth is connected to two devices) and I have not seen that kind of battery drain so I offer two things to look at.


                    1. Battery use, it's built in so take a look and see what's draining the battery so quickly

                    Settings>>About Phone>>Battery>>Battery Use

                    That might clear it up for you


                    2. Now that you have experienced this have you tried a day without the bluetooth on to see if it was in fact the cause for the battery drain?



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                      At this point, I really don't know what's going on with this phone.  I turned everything off, charged everything up, and then turned things on one by one, all the way to both phones, bluetooth on, paired and connected.  For several days there was no problem.  Then, yesterday, I was in my car (using navigation, listening to MP3, bluetooth on and connected to both phones, but not talking on the phone), and the battery dumped on me again.  I had it plugged into the car for power, which I always do while I run nav, and it usually evens out.  Instead, it drained from about 90% to 50% in about 30 minutes - while plugged in!  And, it was hot to the touch.  I turned off bluetooth (and nav and MP3) when I stopped, and battery usage went back to normal.


                      I can only guess that there's something *else* causing the battery drain, but the *only* thing that has changed is the bluetooth. 


                      I did check the battery log, and I don't know how to interpret it in any useful way.  Including yesterday (which was the battery dump,) it's been on for 1d 6h 25m.  Display 26%, cell standby 16%, dialer 14%, android system 14%, phone idle 11%, voice calls 4%, astro player nova 4%, media server 3%, wi-fi 3%, akmd 3%, maps 2%. 


                      I guess it all looks normal, except for the "dialer" part.  It says 14%, and I'm not entirely sure just exactly what "dialer" is, but I guess it sounds like the part that dials the numbers?  (Right, lol?)  When I click on it, the details are CPU total 39s, CPU foreground 4s, Keep awake 2m 28s, data sent 293.91kb, data received 2.26mb.  Does that make sense for 14% of the battery usage?

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                        Only issues that pops into my head is that your battery was not "trained" properly. I know it may sound dumb or ur thinking WTH? but it's true. Training your battery is basically where when you first get the phone, let it drain till roughly 10%, then charge full, then unplug, and repeat for a few day or a week, so your battery gets adapted to how it should run and chargre.


                        At first when you had all those things running (nav, mp3, bt) that will def kill your batter life fast.


                        What i'm thinking now, is that it may be an "app" issue, which could be true if your using 3rd party apps over stock apps. And possibly there's a software glitch somewhere, where something is running in the background constantly and screwing up your battery.


                        What i'm leaning towards is a faulty battery. Your batter could fully charged, but will not hold power long and distribute correctly, hence the quick battery drain. My previous laptop is the same way, i screwed the battery up, cause it was plugged into my laptop and i had the A/C plug in as well. So my latop barely last an hour, even on minimal use.


                        I would suggest getting a new battery which might save you some time, if you have ALOT of apps on your phone, where it will be hard to determine the culprit, if thats the issue.


                        Good luck man.

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                          Re "training the battery," I definitely have let it run out fully, multiple times, not on purpose!  LOL...  And I've had this phone on this setup for many, many months (it isn't a new phone).  I haven't changed or added *anything* for at least two months or more, except the bluetooth.  And the drain thing is new.  :-(  And intermittent.

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                            I would possible try a new battery then, pending u have the funds available, that may or may not resolve your issue, if not, you got a spare battery =)

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                              That usage looks normal except for the dialer portion so here are my thoughts:


                              I am in no way trying to offend you however I want to make sure that we don't miss something simple and you are indeed making the call from your work phone and not the dying android in question


                              Secondly if it's a software problem really the best way to test that is master reset, I know a lot of people don't like it but it's the easiest and best way to test for a software issue if you want to go that route and have backup concerns let me know what they are and we can easily backup anything you need.


                              If ssgokou is right (which is very possible) and it is in fact the battery and the device is less than a year old you can get a free replacement from the OEM, here is HTC's number for that 1-888-871-3305 (8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET)


                              Really my best recommendation right now would be to unpair the two and try it for a day to see if it goes back to normal if it does you probably have a software issue that your bluetooth has triggered if it is still giving you problems without the bluetooth then I would recommend going the battery route first.


                              Let us know what you find

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                                No offense taken - treat me like a kindergartener, because I'm completely lost here, lol!


                                What is the "dialer?"  Maybe if I knew that, I could figure out the missing clue!


                                Yes, 98% of my phone calls are through my work phone (flip-phone).  I spend about 1 - 2 hours on my work phone in the morning, and then maybe another 1 -2 hours scattered through the day.  If I get one call a day on my personal cell, that's a lot. 


                                I use my personal cell (the Slide) for texting, nav, mp3, and internet.  And that's for at least 2 - 4 hours of usage a day, sometimes more.  It stays plugged into the car when I run nav, else it runs off of battery, and I get about 24 hours or more on the battery.  (Which makes me think that it *isn't* a bad battery.)


                                So, today, I had the *exact* same setup as I did two days ago, when I had the battery dump.  I had turned off the bluetooth on both phones last night, and charged up everything.  I turned on and connected bluetooth to both phones this morning.  I made my hour of phone calls from the flip-phone.  I got in the car, connected the Slide to the car-charger, turned on my nav and my mp3.  When I got to where I was going (45 minutes later), the battery was at 100%.  Both phones were still connected to the bluetooth earpiece, which was still on.  When I did the *exact* same thing two days ago, the phone dumped from 90% to 50% battery *while plugged into* the car charger.  I have not rebooted the phone since then, nor have I made any changes to software, setup, or anything else.


                                The only other time that the phone did this was the first time, which was the first day that I had the bluetooth hooked up.  That's the *only* clue I have here.  Nothing else is consistent. 


                                I'm stumped.

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                                  Okay so at this point we are unable to duplicate the issue so to be honest we won't find the problem till it shows it's ugly head again, I will say with an android I recommend turning off the phone once a day and with your device you want to make sure you are using the "restart" option because that ensures it's a full reboot.  Let us know if it happens again and we will jump back on it