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    International text messages not being received on Iphone


      I am having a problem with my T-Mobile network over the last week.

      Since mid-February, I have been using a T-mobile sim card in a sim-free iPhone 4 that was bought from Apple.

      It's been using the Edge signal and not 3G/4G but that's fine. Anyways, for six weeks, it's been working fine, but at the weekend, something has happened as I am no longer receiving international text messages from Ireland and the UK.

      I am currently on the PLAN: $50 UL Talk Text Web which allows me free text messages to the UK and Ireland. However, more than three people, who use different networks in Ireland, have contacted me via the internet to tell me that they sent me messages and asked did I receive them.

      I have not received an International text message in over four days now and I did not change anything bout my phone, number, profile at the weekend.

      My partner, who has an iPhone 3GS from Apple sim-free is also having the same problem, she is not receiving International messages.


      Can anyone help as to what has suddenly gone wrong? Everything else works fine. My international messages are sending, but I am not receiving. The people who are sending me international messages are getting delivery reports, but I am not receiving the messages.

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          Anyone got an answer or help? Really need some!

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            Hi garymcl88,


            I know it's important to keep in touch, especially overseas.  Although T-Mobile does not guarantee functionality of non T-Mobile devices, we should be able to get both phones working.  Please try the following steps:


            1. On the iPhone, dial the following:*#5005*7672#
            2. Press the Send key.
            3. Verify on the display that the SMSC number is programmed as "+12063130004" on the  device.

            • If the number is not correct or does not display, proceed to step 4.

            4. From the main screen, dial **5005*7672*+12063130004#
            5. Press Send to set the SMSC. Note: To get the plus symbol, press and hold the 0 (zero) key.
            6. Turn the device off and back on.

            • If the issue persists, proceed to step 7.

            7. Delete all saved and pending text messages.

            8. Turn your device off and back on.


            If the issue still persists, please contact customer care so that we can review your account and walk through additional troubleshooting steps as needed.


            Let me know if this helps!




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              I am having this problem.  When you say go to the main screen does this mean the phone screen?  When I put that info in to the phone screen I get an error message, and when I tried on the messaging screen I got a failure to send?


              I had an online chat with tmobile yesterday and they were going to do something to my account that they thought would enable me to receive and send texts internationally but it is still not working.


              I changed some of my settings so that I wasn't dependent on wifi for Internet and coincidentally (or not ) my intl texts stopped working.


              This is very frustrating as my son is in Europe and I can't communicate with him!  Please help.

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                Not sure if this helps.

                I don't have this problem but months ago, my wife cannot received international sms.  I found that the difference between our phone's setting is in the "My Number" part of the settings->phone.  I have  +1(XXX)XXX-XXXX for my number and hers was missing the +.  After adding the + to "My Number" in Settings->Phone, it starts to work (yes, there is the usual, reset network, reboot of the iphone and etc after the change).  Got an international sms just a few weeks ago, ours are still working.

                Not sure if it matters, We're on post paid value plan and have international calling enabled.