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    internet kicking me off

      the internet keeps kicking me off, and i have to restart my pone every time just to get back on 4 to 5 Times a day,this is the 2nd phone i have gotten and its not working, the only way to stay on the net is if the im on a wifi connection. what do i do to fix it, or do i need to get a new phone

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          Hi dhmedina,

               Do you see an error message, or does the phone take you back to the homescreen?

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            it will tell me that i need to upgrade to a bigger data plan but i have a unlimited plan, or when i try to use an app where i need the internet it tells me that my network provider has blacked me and that i need to call. when i restart the phone it starts working again.

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              Thank you for that information what we will need to do is take a look over your account and if everything is correct we need to file a ticket for the issue you are having, so the good news here is it is not your phone and I have sent you a private message so you can get us the information we need.

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                I have a similar problem. When viewing a webpage, the Google browser suddenly quits and I get returned to the phone's home screen. I see no error messages, and I can go back to the website I was viewing, but the browser quoits again after a few minutes. It doesn't matter which website I'm viewing, so I suspect there's something wrong with the browser.