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    G2 keeps dropping the SD card.

      I have had my pocket secretary, G2, for over a year now.  In the past with other phones, I have had connection problems with the sim card or the battery after only a couple months.  I would have to remove the battery or sim card, wipe the connections on my shirt and put them back in.  Then all my problems would go away for a week or so.  I've not had this problem with this phone until now.  I have been getting an error that the SD card was unexpectedly removed.  If I removed the SD card, cleaned the contacts then rebooted, it wouldn't fix it.  I would have to remove and clean the sim card instead.  How wierd is that.  I have been putting up with this for a couple weeks now.  This last week it wouldn't last more than an hour.  If I did something that involved a lot of data transfer such as tethering or file transfer, it would drop the card again.  This means that I couldn't back up the card from the phone.  Now the phone won't recognise the card no matter what I do.  Plugging the card directly into the computer shows that there are no problems with the card and I was able to back it up.  Is this a sim card problem, an SD card problem or do I have to buy a new phone.  If its a new phone, then I'm done.  Its not worth it.  I'll buy a $20 thow away from Walmart and slap my sim card in it.  Any other ideas that may help?

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          In some of the phones that I have repaired I have noticed that the small "cage" doesn't hold the micro sdcard snugly enough. What I did to "repair" this was apply a couple of layers of scotch tape to the back (the side without the contacts) of the micro sd card and trim it to the edges of the card and then slide it into the cage. This causes more pressure to be applied between the contacts on the card and the pins in the phone. Give it a go, it can't hurt. Start with one layer of tape first though.


          Good luck.

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            Two things can cause the issue it's either software or hardware if you would like you can preform a master reset on the device to rule out software, you can find the steps here


            If you are not familiar with a Master Reset please pay close attention to step one as it will link you to a doc you can look at so you do not lose any important information.


            If that does not fix it and you have Premium Handset Protection you can still get the device replaced.


            Although I cannot speak to Mikewithe's solution very much what I will say is if you give it a shot be very careful that memory card door can be very fragile.

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              The problem is resolved.  It never would read the original card again although it works in my computer.  I bought a new 32GB class 10 PNY microSD card.  The phone drops it after an hour or two just like it did the original one.  I went in to the T-Mobile store and found out I had the phone insured.  Good thing too.  Got the replacement phone the very next day.  It won't read the original card but the new card works wonderfully.  I have to think that there were bad contacts in the old phone that caused the card to go bad in a way that it would no longer work in the phone.  Yet again, the card works fine in the computer with a USB adapter.  Insurance saved the day.  Thanks for the replies.