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    My phone keeps restarting ONLY if packet data is enabled

      My phone keeps restarting ONLY if packet data is enabled.

      Immediately when the phone starts sending or receiving data it restarts on its own and continues this in a loop.

      If I disable data on the phone, it doesn't restart... but that also prevents sending text messages or browsing.


      I just activated it today! VERY frustrating!


      (Yes, I do have a data plan... unlimited, and I've only used 42kb of it per my.t-mobile.com.


      Help please....


      >Already tried it without the SD card

      >Already re-seated the battery AND the SIM card.

      >Already tried a MASTER RESET with backup and sync disabled prior to reset.

      >Already tried another persons SIM card (who also has data).. still happens

      >My SIM is good... my sim in another buddy's Samsung Dart doesn't have this problem.

      >Tried my buddy's battery from his Samsung Dart... still happens!


      It appears to be a problem with the phone or OS...