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    Seeing inconsistent and relatively slow data speed (HSDPA vs UMTS)

      I am seeing something very interesting on my T-Mobile G2.


      Here at home (Mountain View, CA), my device has moderate signal strength to the 4g network (between 2 and 3 bars = -103dbm 5asu to -105dbm 4 asu, sometimes -101dbm 5asu or slightly better).

      When doing a speed test, I am getting extremely poor results ranging from 0.2Mbps to 0.9Mbps for downloand and 0.9Mbps to 2Mbps for upload(!!!).


      Even if I move to a place where I am getting a full signal, aka very close to the next tower, I am maxing out at an average of 2.1Mbps down and 2Mbps for up!


      However, I just returned from a trip to Austin, TX where my phone got much better signal strength and speeds were a blazing 5Mbps to 9Mbps for download and 1.2Mbps to 3Mbps for download.


      Here is what makes me curious, however:

      The "4G" network in Austin, TX reported itself as UMTS while here at home it is indicated as HSDPA. According to the available literature, HSDPA is supposed to offer speed increases compared to UMTS with speeds up to 14Mbps!


      So, here is what I am questioning: is T-Mobile not aware that the Bay Area has the largest high-tech population on the earth that is craving for speed?

      If I compare the latest speeds from my neighbour with his brand new iPhone 4S on AT&T, he is getting constantly above 10Mbps in most places here in the greater Bay Area, except for some remote places where it drops back to 3G which is comparable to the speeds that I am seeing but advertised as 4g!


      I have a feeling that despite my moderate signal strength here at home, T-Mobile has deployed its "4G" network here in the Bay Area with a very poor speed!!


      So, if T-Mobile does NOT want to keep losing customers to AT&T or the other mobile carriers, it needs to up its network capabilities NOW!!!


      NOTE: I used to be a big fan of T-Mobile because of its great service and phone line-up. However that support is slowly going away - sorry folks, you have to do better than that.