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Battery Life draining drastically?

Hey all,


So this problem started around 2 days ago.


I charge my phone every night, all night long from around 11pm-6am. Then, I go to school, go through my normal day, and when I get back to bed around 11pm, I have about a quarter of battery life left.


2 days ago, however, I pull my phone out of my pocket right after school to find it asking me to charge it. School is only 6 hours, and I don't use my phone AT ALL at school. I have no clue why this is happening. I haven't done anything differently, yet the battery still decides to die after school. I do not send a single text or make a single phone call at school.


Please help me!! I talked to tmobile and they said I would need to spend my OWN money to buy a new battery just so they can TEST to see what is wrong. Ridiculous!


Thank you in advance for any help!!