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    Bad Sim Card?

      Recently my Exhibit II has been experiencing a los of network connection.  I have uninstalled programs to see if that was part of the problem, but no dice.  The main screen will appear and it will indicate that it is searching for a signal.  The top of the screen will show a circle with a slash through it.  The phone will keep reseting for a while then everything will be fine.  I went to a T-Mobile store today, but since I have the Walmart Family plan, they couldn't help me and suggested I go to Walmart.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to a Walmart with a phone store.  Any ideas on what the problem could be? Is it possible to get a replacement SIM card?

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          As for the signal, it seems as if T-Mobile has been having issues with the network lately. Several people have reported problems the past few days, including me. But it cleared up the next day.


          As for the other issue, have you turned it off when it starts to do that? Mine was doing that the other day (sans searching), which is... power cycling, I guess? It does it once in awhile, but it was like it was stuck in a rut the other day. I said forget it and just turned the phone off. When I turned it on, everything was fine.


          Not sure if this helps but this is what happened in my instance.

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            Thanks for the response.  I suspect that network problems may have been the problem, but as I type this, the phone is acting up again with the same issue.  I'll have to monitor it and see what happens.

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              Is the phone unlocked? I know that the Wal-Mart family plans run off the T-Mobile, but there can be registration problems as well as APN issues accessing the data and MMS portion of your device. If the device is not unlocked, it might be having issues acutally holding the network connection and timing out.