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Phone keeps rebooting

I just got this phone two days ago and all of a sudden it started to freeze and turn off. I turned it back on and it kept on rebooting so I searched around and learned how to hard reset it. Thinking that it would fix the problem, it did not. It turns on and shows the flashy sidekick animations and then stops at just SAMSUNG and reboots again.

Anyone have a solution..?

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    If you got it two days ago, take it back telling them it was faulty?

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    Welcome to the fun.  Sounds like your cache is whack.  You can try a factory reset (VolDown+Camera just after putting the battery in then hitting power, I believe it is) then wipe cache, user data.  See if that works...


    BUT it will be like a brand new phone with no data plugged into it yet, like you got it from the store.

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    would it be his Cache, though?
    He could Just turn it in for a new one, afterall he did just get it withing the 14-day exchange rate?

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    I have had problems with cache being whack on multiple phones.  Once it rebuilds, it gets better in my experience.


    Clear the cache, (Or dalvik if you have the option too,) then then give it a few minutes AFTER you see the crappy-useless-shade-screen pop up and see if that works.

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    Agreed. Cache is everything. whether it's acting before or after an update.
    It never hurts to factory reset, because Google servers back you up anway.
    I call it "Android Spring Cleaning."

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    I am having the same problems. If I do an 'android spring cleaning' are you saying that Google backs up everything on my phone? Being new to this I want to make certain I am doing this right. Clearing the cache using the method that the86d suggested will not lose anything that is not backed up by Google, right?

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    Cache is just data that the OS and Apps write, not your data.



    You are correct.  I can't remember the key sequence. 


    If you get the "DO NOT POWER PHONE OFF" screen just pull the battery and try again.  This might help. 


    If not, then:

    Worst case is to Settings => Privacy => Factory =>reset/erase everything.  You will have to reinstall your apps if you "Erase Everything". 

    You DO want to know your gmail username and password.  This is how you can pull them back up.  (I assume that you have been saving the contacts to your gmail account also.)  If you do this everything on your card stays, including pictures.  Contacts are usually gmail stored...

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    I've been having the same problems , and tomorrow I will be recieving my 4th SK 4g. I think it could be two the reasons of this issue 1 the andoid os or 2 tmobile preload to many apps because everytime I clear my memory there are like 10 to 13 apps closed

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    Usually a lot of cache problems come from pre installed apps. so Kudos to you on that one
    there's lots of things wrong. it's the preloaded apps, & the memory leak that's been bestowed upon UVKG2
    I'm sure they're working on the next build, if not Gingerbread (:

    should be out soon.

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    lately everytime i go to my gallery or try to send a photo its always reboots