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        Show off, lol

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          I have received both the 'NCAA Bracket' and 'VIP Zone' push ads.  Both times I called support.  Both times they (figuratively) shruged their shoulders and said "Maybe it was an app you installed?".  I'm rediculously careful about what apps I install and what apps I update.  Both push ads take you to Tmobile sites.  This is a Tmobile ad.  I would like to think that support was specificially told to ignore or misdirect queries about the ads, but I suspect that support simply doesn't know.  Someone higher up flipped the "spam the sh*t out of everyone switch" and didn't forwarn support.

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            Something just occurred to me.  If you are a Tmobile customer, _call_ support.  Keep them on the phone until they admit their fault or hang up on you; if they are like most call centers, they won't hang up on you easily.  Make the backlash cost them more than the profit for the advertising campaign.


            edit: Don't be rude, though.  Support didn't do this to you.


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              i'd bet money that it IS an app you installed.  companies pay app developers to put their ads in the developer's apps.


              theres a free app called airpush detector that can tell you what app is pushing the ads out to your notification bar.  it won't remove it, but it will find the culprit.


              i was getting notification bar apps as well.  turns out it was from a game i installed.  i wanna say one of them was the VIP zone ad.

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                I'll take that money. I was looking into this and several apps updated that day. Tmobile My Account was one of them. I clicked one of the ads, got an error and left the other up there. Now, this is all over the course of about 2 hours. I got Airpush Detector, nothing found. I got Lookout Ad Network Detector, nothing found. I got Addons Detector, nothing found.


                So I started uninstalling the apps that updated that day. Slowly, one by one with several minutes of time in between each. I watched the notification area, I left one of the ads open up there. I left the TMo My Account for last. Again, several minutes of time in between removing each app. The instant I removed Tmo My Account, the ad in the notification area went away. Make checks payable to me. :-)


                I've reinstalled the other apps that I removed, but not Tmo My Account. I've not seen the issue since. You can also see the issue responded to by a Tmo Mod. http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/22476?start=0&tstart=0


                I'm very well aware what goes on with my phone. Nexus S, Android 4.0.4. I don't take notification spam lightly. I don't like, but understand, in-app advertising. Notification area spam is never acceptable. Even if someone didn't opt out of advertising from TMO, you NEVER put an ad in the notification area. It's a notification area, not a billboard.

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                  hope you dont mind a post-dated check hahahah!


                  wow, thats ridiculously disapointing that its an actual tmobile app with built in notification bar spam.  i agree completely that that should be a major no-no!

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                    it's still an app pushing the ads - not the OS or network.  Just not an app you installed and can't uninstall (without root).


                    if there are enough complaints in the Play Store comments and forums, I bet it will stop.  maybe it was a test to gauge reactions.

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                      it's crazy to say the least .. it's supposedly tied into your marketing preferences .. you have to log on to tmobile.com and edit your communication preferences to stop.

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                        TmoNews picked the story up.



                        Hopefully, this will raise visibility and put some pressure  on T-mobile to stop this nonsense.

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                          It really makes me mad that t-mobile is doing this.  The first night it happened it woke me up.  T-mobile stop pushing these things on us, it's uncalled for.  I literally just signed up on the forums to post about this. 

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                            Hi Community


                            I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience with the T-Mobile marketing promotion ads that appeared on your phone. Feedback received from our customers has assisted us with disabling those ads from the notification bar on Android phones. These notifications appeared due to an error in our systems and will not appear in the future. If  you had previously signed up to not receive marketing promotions from T-Mobile and these ads still appeared, it was because the error bypassed your notification preference. This system error has been addressed and the notification preference option is still active on your account. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and will ensure it does not happen in the future.





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